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Pour la fête des amoureux, rien de mieux que de passer un bon moment dans des lieux de charme, pour déclarer l'amour que vous portez à votre compagne ou compagnon.

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Is there a difference between Dordogne and Périgord?

Today the Périgord and the Dordogne department are synomynes and designate the same territory. During the French revolution, the National Assembly decided to create the departments in order to simplify the administrative organisation of France. The criteria chosen for the name of the departments being geographical or hydrographic, the Périgord thus receives the name of its main river: the DORDOGNE.

Certainement le plus beau département de France, il renferme quatre grandes régions naturelles : au centre, le Périgord blanc (Périgueux, Ribérac); au sud-est, le Périgord noir (Sarladais); le Périgord vert (Nontronnais) au pied des monts du Limousin ; au sud-ouest, le Périgord pourpre (Bergeracois). Le Périgord blanc est formé de plateaux calcaires, découpés par les rivières (Isle, Auvézère, Loue, Dronne), où les vallées s'élargissent. La vallée moyenne de l'Isle sert d'épine dorsale à une région un peu différente au sud de Périgueux, où les pins maritimes font leur apparition. La région du Sarladais, est un pays de pechs, ces collines rondes coiffées de taillis de châtaigniers et de forêts de pins ; de basses vallées plantées de noyers, de champs de tabac, de vergers. Le Périgord vert, le Nontronnais, est recouvert d'arbres, de landes de bruyère ; le châtaignier y règne en maître. C'est un pays de bassins et de vallées, dont la prairie grasse envahit les pentes douces. Le Périgord pourpre, dont la vallée s'élargit à l'aval de Bergerac, est une région de vergers et de vignobles.

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Les terrains ont commencé à se former dès l'ère primaire, lorsque le Massif central a émergé de l'écorce terrestre. On retrouve ces roches cristallines dans le nord-est, à la lisière du Limousin. Mais la formation du Périgord s'est produite surtout à l'ère secondaire, quand la mer a envahi l'Aquitaine, refoulant des dépôts calcaires au pied du Massif central. Du calcaire jurassique est né le causse périgourdin. Plus tard, le calcaire jurassique forme le sol du Périgord blanc et la majeure partie du Périgord noir. Mais c'est à l'ère quaternaire que les principales rivières (Dordogne, Vézère, Isle, Dronne ) font leur apparition et vont creuser les vallées.

Lascaux Cave

The Department of the Dordogne (Here we call it Périgord) is located in new Aquitaine (but we say South West) bordered by the ramparts of the Massif Central, the Causses of Quercy, the orchards of the Lot and Garonne and the graves of Gironde, you will cross many landscapes and the most beautiful Villages of France.

Sacred Temple of prehistory where already caveman inspired by the Vézère Valley expressed all his art. With its 15 sites classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, it is a part of the history of mankind that is available to you. You will discover parietal art in the frescoes of the Lascaux cave in Montignac and in the ornate caves and shelters that line the valley to Les Eyzies de Tayac where the National Museum of Prehistory and the International pole of prehistory remind us In particular that this is where the Cro-Magnon man was discovered.

A country loaded with history from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance where the castles witnessing past conflicts now print a sense of serenity and calm found in the Dordogne Valley. The troglodyte fortresses of La Roque Saint-Christophe, the Madeleine and Reignac and the remarkable castles such as Hautefort, Beynac, Losse, Castelnaud, and Commarquez... illustrate the turbulent history of this region.

Welcome to this beautiful country where everything is just poetry, or literature that sometimes touches on genius. is not Boétie (native of Sarlat la Canéda Capital of Périgord Noir) or Michael of Montaigne Who wants to. Périgord knows that its landscapes, Its villages, its products must have a touch of the creator a little lighter than elsewhere. A rich nature and exceptional architecture with no less than 8 villages ranked the most beautiful villages of France.

Bastide of Monpazier

Even largely occupied the summer months, there remains room for sunsets on ochre stones atop the limestone cliffs, for afternoons to listen to sing the breeze in the leaves of poplars, feet in the clear wave, our rivers and For walking, Horse or in Bike Under the chestnut trees. These moments will know, better than anyone, you tell this multiple country.

The Périgord is a sanctuary, it has preserved essential values. There are perfumes that awaken the most beautiful memories, landscapes similar to the dreams of children, caves that have borne a part of mankind.

From time to time it is nice to make provision for certainty and sweetness in this world. Nature cradles you in the hollow of its valleys of its forests and rivers. The clean air and the dishes of the traditional Périgord gastronomy will be given to you.

Ponds and forests of the Nontronnais, passing through the roads of the Bergeracois wines and the paths of the Sarladais: it takes time to discover everything. will be your guide to allow you to organize your stay.

And if the too great summer heats get you tired, the Autumns and the spring are great moments to slip into the silence of the potatoes alleys or between the thick walls of the castles. The seasons stretch slowly and, from Easter to Toussaint, the palette of colors of the great painter from up there, is a reason enough to stop here.

And even the winter, so sad sometimes, takes here, at the fireside, nestled in a vast périgord chimney, the looks of a temple where time seems suspended.

Cottage of Dordogne

Bored here is impossible, there is so much to see, so much to do, so much to taste, the périgourdins (related have everything planned to distract you. Everything is there to enjoy the rivers, the forests, the roads and the paths, the rocks and even the air. We invite you to browse our site and to compose your holiday.