Local products of Dordogne Périgord

In this section the local crafts around the products of Périgord: The walnut, the truffle, the duck. The artisans retainers, the producers of walnut oil, soaps... All the terroir of Dordogne Périgord in this section.

Cor Farm

Visit to the farm, tasting, direct sale Dordogne Périgord
In organic culture, the Cor Farmhouse welcomes you, in guided tours from June to September, on Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons, and on...

Vance Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream made in the Périgord.
"Homemade" ice creams made in the Périgord and are presented in individual pots glasses and sorbets without products...
The village

Gracie Soap

Gracie-Soap Factory of Périgord Noir
The Soleya soap factory manufactures by hand, by Cold Saponification, soft soaps with organic ingredients. Without palm oil...

The farm of the Four Winds

Angora goat Breeding-Mohair Production
If you want to discover an atypical breeding in the heart of Périgord Noir, Mathieu Lauvie opens the doors of his goatry of the farm...

The truffle of the castle

Producer of black truffles of Périgord in the Dordogne
Nestled atop a hill overlooking the Dordogne, in the small village of Coux and Bigaroque in Périgord Noir in a secret location,...

Julien de Savignac

Producer, wine cellar and specialist of Bergerac wines
Family house founded in 1983, Julien de Savignac is the owner of Bergeracois, a wine merchant and spirits specialist...

La Ferme de Laupilière gastronomy

Fresh and canned duck products
The Ferme de Laupilière offers you its canned farms they come from ducks fed on the farm with whole corn in the...

Old Earth Castle

Wines of Bergerac AOC Pécharmant
Gérome, Dolores Morand Monteil and their children, will welcome you to the Château Terre Vieille to make you discover the charm of their vineyard...
The pinion
Saint - Sauveur

Beard Field

Visit to the farm, tasting, direct sale of products of Dordogne Perigord
In a site that will delight you, at the gates of Périgord Noir and Bergeracois, on the hills dominating the river Dordogne, Isabelle and...

Sosso's Creations

Gourmet or romantic creations in plaster to perfume
Creator of plasters to perfume for young and old in the event of milestones: Marriage, birth, baptism,...
Saint - Astier