The Wooden Horse Carriages The Wooden Horse Carriages The Wooden Horse Carriages The Wooden Horse Carriages The Wooden Horse Carriages

Les Calèches des Chevaux de Bois

Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the countryside.

The Wooden Horse Carriages

The Wooden Horses welcome you with family or friends for a half or full day to share the pleasure of a horse-drawn carriage ride. Walk, trot or gallop, the paces are varied and adapted to your desires. One of our carriages is adapted for people with reduced mobility.

A local picnic (provided by our caterer) is offered if necessary.

If you opt for a whole day, the wooden horses come to you.
After booking and indication of your resort, we come to pick you up outside your door.

Course of a typical day:

Arrival around 9:00 am on a parking lot that can accommodate us.
Preparation of the horses and the car with your participation if you wish.
10:00 am departure for the first part of the promenade.
Around noon, care of the horses and lunch break for everyone.
1.30 pm re-establishment of the horses.
2:00 pm Departure for the second part of the promenade.
Around 4:00 pm return to your resort.
Re-conditioning of horses and equipment.

Half Day

If your choice is a half-day walk, morning or afternoon, we will wait for you at the coquille where the Chevaux de Bois will take you for a walk of more than two hours in the middle of nature.

Tariff details

The prices are "with the carriage".

8-seater carriage: €130 half day/€250 per day

12-seater horse-drawn carriage: 180 € a half day/€350 per day

Regional Picnic (adult) €20

Picnic Child: €7

Dates and Times

From 1 January to 31 December.


Adresse :

Le Pont de Lavaud 24450 La Coquille


Green Perigord

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