The truffle of the castle The truffle of the castle The truffle of the castle The truffle of the castle

The truffle of the castle

Producer of black truffles of Périgord in the Dordogne

Welcome to the Castle Truffle

Nestled atop a hill overlooking the Dordogne, in the small village of Coux and Bigaroque in Périgord Noir in a secret place, our truffière consisting of more than 550 Oaks Truffle offers you its finest black diamonds: The black truffle of Périgord : Tuber Melanosporum.

The Trufficulture our passion:

It is with passion that with my dog Largo, I ride every day the ranks of The Truffière So that in the beautiful season in winter we can discover what nature offers more wonderful for our palate and our taste buds.

Indeed, the trufficulture is a long-term work, it is a question of gathering all the year the conditions necessary to the flourishing of this precious underground mushroom that is the truffle.
From the size of the trees to the ideal watering and the preparation of the soils, their keeping cool during the summer by schemes that must be imagined, the use of our animals with horns for the natural maintenance, until the harvest Artisanal truffle, there are a thousand occasions of "trufficultiver".

But all the pleasure is there, at every moment until the fateful moment when the very first black truffle of the season is ready to be tasted: a Truffle butter On a slice of toasted bread, A peppered Omelet, where just pasta with a truffle sauce that Myriam has the secret of.

Share the Truffle:

We offer you to share this pleasure with us!
You can Contact us to order the truffle of the castle, we will pick it up specially for you and ship it without delay under vacuum to the address of your choice so that you can fully enjoy all the flavors of the fresh truffle and you feel in your turn a little in Périgord.
Be aware that the price of truffles varies during the season, depending on the ratio between supply and demand, it is around €1000/Kg HT, we will inform you on the market prices.

To give you an idea, a truffle like those pictures weighs about 80 grams

The black truffle: Tuber melanosporum Also called Winter Truffle Is the most popular of all, different from the Brumale and the Aestivum (summer truffle) that you sometimes find in the markets, its fragrance and its taste are of an incomparable subtlety.
However if you want Brumale or aestivum (they are cheaper), we find them regularly and we can provide you with them.


    Price details

    The price varies depending on the price of the truffle of the moment.
    Contact us to know the rates

    Dates and Times

    It is from December that the first fresh truffles arrive... order in advance, there will be none for everyone

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    Black Périgord
    24220 Coux and Bigaroque
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