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Savonnerie Soleya

Soleya - Savonnerie du Périgord Noir

the Soleya soap factory

The Soleya soap factory by-hand, by Cold Saponification, soft soaps made from organic ingredients.

Our soaps are free of palm oil and animal fats and are made from natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and the environment.

Cold saponification is an ecological, exclusively artisanal manufacturing process that respects the nature of the ingredients used (vegetable oils and butters: olive, coconut, shea, cocoa, rapeseed, hazelnut, hemp, etc., clays, essential oils, honey, plants, etc.) and makes it possible to obtain naturally glycerin soaps.

Range of 8 soaps for all skins, hands, faces, body, hair... available in different sizes: 100g bread, 40g guest SOAP, various shapes: hearts, butterflies, hens, Cubs...

Gift boxes, vegetable SOAP dish (luffah), and Beeswax candles.

Sale on the artisanal markets and on the Internet.

Dates and Times

No shop on site.

You can find me on the market of St Martial de Nabirat every Wednesday morning.

Valentine's Day Special

Sweet hearts for your beloved!

Sweet hearts for your beloved!

To please your dear and tender, discover our selection of soap box to take care of his skin!


Adresse :
le bourg 24250 St martial de Nabirat
Black Périgord
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