The Sens Workshop The Sens Workshop The Sens Workshop The Sens Workshop

The Sens Workshop

A kitchen where local producers are put forward!

Restaurant the Sens Workshop

The restaurant The Sens workshop is located in front of the Bourdeilles Castle In the green Périgord between Brantôme and Périgueux

We offer a kitchen that puts in the spotlight the homemade and the organic, Formula Brasserie for the MIDI and gourmet restaurant in the evenings.

The MIDI, a bistro card with a menu of the day at 16 and €22, as well as a local burger and beer menu (BAM, artisanal beer from Marsac) to €17.
In the evenings, there is a gourmet restaurant with 2 menus and a map.

The establishment works only with local producers organic or equivalent as well as for the wine card which is 80% in bio or biodynamism.

Come and discover our cuisine where the producers are put forward, around a good wine of winemakers respecting nature!

Offer from 18/09 to 01/10 "All au Restaurant"

1 Menu Purchased = 1 Menu offered


Price details

Menu at €39 only evenings

Dates and times

Open Wednesday Noon 12.30-14 h to Sunday evening included 7.30 pm-9 pm

The Midis we offer bistro cuisine and evenings a gourmet cuisine working only with local producers in short circuit.


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Big Street
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Grand Rue, 24310 Bourdeilles


Périgord Green

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