Château de Gageac Château de Gageac Château de Gageac Château de Gageac Château de Gageac Château de Gageac

Château de Gageac

listed château, one of the most charming in the Bergerac region

Château de Gageac

In the 12th century, a watchtower belonging to the Château de Duras, the stronghold of Gageac consists of a single dungeon accessed from the second floor, where a removable ladder was pulled down during assaults. From here, the same ladder could be used to descend to the dungeon, whose floor is at rock level.
Above this, the second room, accessible via a curious staircase built into the thickness of the walls, is the guard room.

In the 14th century, it was reinforced by the construction of a building separate from the keep to become a stronghold for several hundred men. It was then possible to cross from one building to the other via a removable walkway on the second floor.

During the Hundred Years' War, the Constable DU GUESCLIN laid siege to it for five days before taking it.

In the 17th/18th century, it was transformed into a home by successive families, each in turn embellishing and modernizing it.
This extension was completed around 1650 with a second square tower, giving harmony to the overall construction. A dry moat surrounds the buildings to the east, south and west, while the northern part, now drained, was once marshland. A crenellated enclosure, equipped with a parapet walk and flanked by watchtowers, defends the entire building.
The main building was topped by mansard roofs, three double ones to the north and two single ones to the south; one remains on the south facade, but Gageac was forgotten.

In the 19th century, the dilapidated buildings were restored using modern techniques, the main staircase was doubled in volume and the layout of the interior rooms was transformed.

It was listed as a historic monument by decree on September 27, 1948.

Today, Château de Gageac is open to the public, with guided tours.



Pricing details

guided tour 6.00€ per person over 12 years old

groups of more than 12 people €3.50



Dates and times

OPEN from July 1st to European Heritage Days

from 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

closed on Tuesday


Spoken languages



château de Gageac 24240 GAGEAC ET ROUILLAC


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