"publisher" means the company
"Site" means the site
"Advertiser" means the natural person who is major and legally capable, navigating
On the Site and likely to place an order.
1. PURPOSE OF THE SITE is a Web site for the support of seasonal accommodation, leisure, or sites to visit and advertisements
Our responsibility cannot be directly or indirectly engaged in transactions between advertisers and their customers who obey the general rules of the Civil Code.
The management of the site is ensured by Pé, Claudia Renoy, hereafter referred to as the publisher.


The distribution of online advertisements on is open to individuals and professionals, hereinafter referred to as "The Advertiser".
The mere fact of ordering on the site implies the full acceptance of these general conditions of sale.
Any contrary clause shall be deemed void without the need for protest by the publisher.


The Advertiser fills out the ad form by filling in all the fields.
Once the form has been validated,
The Advertiser can make its payment directly online via a Paypal account, a credit card, a bank transfer or send a cheque to the following address:
Place dit Barbelle
24480 Paleyrac

In case of need, it is possible to be helped by the editor for the entry of the form
of announcement.
The Advertiser acknowledges that the provision of the classifieds service starts immediately
As soon as the ad is validated by him or her, and therefore does not benefit from any
The right of withdrawal, the latter being excluded for a remote service provision and
commenced in accordance with article L121-20-2 (1) of the consumer Code.
Computerized records and stored in computer systems under conditions
Reasonable security will be considered as proof of order and payment
Intervened. The archiving of the order Confirmation and the invoice is carried out on a
Reliable and durable support so as to correspond to a faithful and durable copy,
In accordance with the article1348 of the Civil Code.


Any order, whatever its origin, is payable in euro (€).
The price indicated is that in effect on the date of the filing of the advertisement, and mentioned on the Site
Depending on the advertiser's choices before posting.
A full payment is required before the advertisement is put online. In case of payment
Incomplete, the ad will be blocked.


Your ad is placed online no later than 11 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your payment. The Publisher reserves the right not to broadcast or even to suspend your advertisement if a default of payment intervenes.

6.1 Ad Entry Rules

Please follow the following entry rules. If not, your ad will not be validated or broadcast. The purpose of these rules is to facilitate research and reading for a clear and consistent presentation of our ads to Internet users. For a better reading, each ad must contain your proprietary references (name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.), your location references (address of your rental property, name of the rental, etc.), a detailed description of your services, a Maximum category of reception, your ranking or organization label and all the items that are ancillary to your rental. Please note that no URL can be included in the text of your ad, only the URL of your own website relating to the property described in the advertisement is allowed. Any advertisement to circumvent the rules of use of the site will be deleted. Finally, you are informed that the Publisher is entitled not to broadcast an advertisement which would be contrary to its material, moral or contrary to the regulations in force (false advertising, message contrary to decency, property Racist remarks, etc.). In order to respect the graphic and ethical charter of the content of the advertisements, the Publisher reserves the possibility to modify the text or the topic, especially if it contains abbreviations or misspellings. The text elements can be delivered in a different order in order to facilitate the sorting and ranking of the ads.
The user will have to check his ad at the first publication. No claim, after a period of 48 hours, will be accepted. All claims should be sent by email to the following address:

6.2 Client Area

Each advertiser has a customer area. By this space, The Advertiser can modify, at any time, in his advertisement the following fields, the telephone, the website, the tariffs, the description and the photos.
He can also delete his ad at any time.
For any other changes, he will have to contact by phone or by e-mail. An identifier and a password are chosen by The Advertiser when creating the customer area. The password is confidential. The Advertiser is solely responsible for its preservation and use. In case of forgetting logins, he will be able to recover it on request and will be sent directly to his inbox.
The Advertiser undertakes to retain it in a confidential manner and to bear on its own all the consequences, in particular financial, which could result from its use by third parties.
If has any reason to believe that the security of your identifiers is at risk, he reserves the right to suspend your access to the service.


7.1 As a result of the Advertiser

The Advertiser may delete its advertisement from its customer area or on a written request to Pé without any right to reimbursement.

7.2 Because of the publisher

The publication of the advertisement ceases as of right at the end of the subscribed period, in the absence of the payment of its renewal.
The Publisher reserves the right to suspend at any time without notice temporarily or definitively the publication of your advertisements, if you do not comply with all or part of these general terms of sale or if the publisher believes that your actions are Likely to incur liability or endanger the proper functioning of the site, or in the event of fraud or manifest disloyalty. In these assumptions, you will not be able to claim any right to be reimbursed. You will not be able to claim damages and/or compensation of any kind whatsoever.


7.1 Responsibilities of the publisher

A. The publisher undertakes to make every effort to ensure that advertisements are put online for the current season. The posting of your advertisement is conditional to the full compliance with the general conditions of sale.
B. The Publisher reserves the right to interrupt access to the site for maintenance and/or testing operations and will endeavour to carry out these operations for the shortest possible durations. The responsibility of the publisher in no way can be sought by this fact.
C. If the publisher's liability is to be retained in the performance of his or her benefits, The Advertiser shall be entitled to the maximum, as compensation, only the amount paid for the release of the advertisement.
D. The Advertiser acknowledges that the Publisher is bound only to a means obligation, and that he cannot guarantee the performance of the advertisements disseminated by his care.
E. Failure of one or more publication (s) shall not give entitlement to any indemnity, or exempt The advertiser from the payment of the normally justified announcements, or interrupt the current agreements. As a result, the Publisher will make its best efforts to respond to the initial order.

7.2 Liability of The Advertiser

A. The Advertiser assumes full responsibility for the content of the advertisements he requests to be broadcast on The Advertiser is contractually committed to the quality and conformity of the property he offers for the rental. The Advertiser who declares to hold a label or classification of an organization is subject to the rules of the latter and assumes responsibility for this information transmitted to the Publisher. The Publisher disclaims all responsibility for the content, veracity or photos transmitted.


In accordance with Law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to information technology and liberties, every Internet user has a right of access and rectification or deletion of personal data concerning him.
This right may be exercised at any time by the following means: By mail: Claudia renous, place dit Barbelle 24480 Paleyrac or by e-mail: The information provided is solely for the use of the publisher; By accepting these general terms of sale, you agree to be contacted by the Publisher by phone or by e-mail..


The general terms and conditions of sale are governed by French law. The general conditions of sale applicable are those in force on the day of the order. The French courts will have jurisdiction to rule on all disputes which may arise between the Advertiser and the publisher, relating to the execution of these