All the sights to visit in the Dordogne

The sights of the Périgord and the Dordogne : If you like old stones no worries they are waiting for you with great pleasure. The Dordogne houses an incredible number of castles, monuments and Tourist sites.

For prehistory museums, caves and shelters will remind you of our origins. Big names are here, Lascaux for example, but it is not the only one. Beautiful gardens, superb troglodyte villages, decorate your Perigord days. The department is rich in many places to visit, as a family, with friends, choose your themes, you will definitely have to come back to see everything.

Many mythical areas are to be discovered: The valley of the Dordogne and its castles Of course, the Vézère Valley also called the Valley of Man because Cro Magnon stayed there at the time of prehistory, but also the Bergeracois, the capital of Périgord Blanc Périgueux and the most beautiful villages of France without forgetting the medieval city of Sarlat The Canéda capital of Périgord Noir and the Bastide of the Périgord purple.

Discover our selection of all attractions in Périgord Dordogne!

Castle of Commarque

In the heart of 15000 years of history in the Dordogne
The Château de Commarque: a medieval castrum overlooking the valley of the Beune, the Château de Commarque was built for the purpose of ...
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Bara-Bahau Cave

The cave of the Bears and the men
The grotto of Bara-Bahau (or Bara-Bao), a hundred meters long, is one of the caves adorned Paleolithic of the valley of ...
The Bugue

Montreal Castle

Renaissance Castle, historical monument
Located 7 km from Mussidan, the elegant Chateau de Montréal overlooks the valley of the Crempse This is a castle of the...

Abyss of Proumeyssac

The Crystal Cathedral of Dordogne Périgord
History of the Gulf of Proumeyssac already in the 18th century, the abyss of Proumeyssac is known in the Dordogne for its terrifying legends: it. ..

Le Bournat Park

Theme park: Life in 1900 in the Dordogne
Go to meet the villagers of the Bournat by walking the streets of this restored village with authentic stones from Périgord Le...
Allée Paul-Jean Souriau
The Bugue

Castle of the Harris

A Autenthique site, a marvel of flamboyant architecture
The Château de le Hermes, a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture built between 1500 and 1520 by Jean de Calvimont will be abandoned ...

Chateau de la Marthonie

Chateau de la Marthonie
The first constructions of the Château de la Marthonie date back to the 12th century, destroyed during the Hundred Years War, it was...
The village

Lascaux International Center of Parietal Art

Lascaux International Centre for Parietal Art (Lascaux 4)
In perfect harmony with the landscape: 9 000 m² of buildings are blended into the landscape, stretched like a scratch-side facade, almost ...

The Park of Thot

Welcome to this center of interpretation of prehistory
The park of the Thot is a museum space with a 5-facsimiles animal Park of the gallery of the nave of Lascaux (not represented in ...)


Gallo Roman Museum Site in Périgueux
Vesunna is the ancient Périgueux, it occupied on 60 hectares a meander of the right bank of the Isle the museum Vesunna is a museum...
26th Street Infantry Regiment 20

Fénelon Castle

Feudal fortress of the Périgord noir
Feudal fortress of Périgord Noir enrolled in a double enclosure, this castle with the roof in Lauze draws its powerful silhouette above...

Museum of Art and Archaeology of Périgord

Prehistory, ethnography and fine Arts
The Museum of Art and Archaeology of Périgord is the oldest of the Department of the Dordogne, it presents more than 45 000 works...
Tourny Course 22

Grotto of Villars

Cave adorned with prehistoric and concretions paintings.
The grotto of Villars is the only cave in Périgord to house both original prehistoric paintings and concretions the river...
The Cluzeau


The gardens of the Château de Jumilhac
The Marquis de Jumilhac wanted in the seventeenth century to modernize his castle and to draw it from the ancestral times present at the Court of Versailles, he ...

Chancelade Abbey

Abbey of the 12th century
In 1120 hermits grouped around a source (origin of the name of Chancelade) organize themselves in community, adopt the rule of life...

Holy Front Cathedral

A Byzantine architecture in Périgueux
The Cathedral of Saint Front, Cathedral of Périgueux, seat of the Diocese of Périgueux and Sarlat is a Roman Catholic cathedral located...
Place de la Clautre

Jumilhac Castle

5 Centuries of history, Art and Architecture in Haut-Périgord
Just like Saint-Yrieix, 12 kilometers away, the Château de Jumilhac formed, on the steps of the Limousin and Périgord, a defensive line during the ...
Castle Square

Domme Cave

Visit the Cave of Domme, you will love!
Under the Bastide of Domme lives the fantastic world of the largest cave of the Perigord Noir, with its colonnades, its stalactites and its ...
Place de la Halle

Cave of the Rock of Cazelle

Prehistory, history and nature in the country of man
Come and discover in this gripping prehistoric park, the reenactments of the life of our distant ancestors and this in the same places ...
Road to Sarlat
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Low Laugerie Shelter

Prehistoric field in Dordogne inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site
The prehistoric site of Laugerie Basse Shelter, occupied between-15 000 and-10 000 av J-C, served as a reference to the world's Prehistorians ...
Avenue de Laugerie
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil


Come and travel through time. In the Dordogne
The Dinosaur park is a journey through the eras to discover the first lizards of Earth, edaphosaurs and meet creatures ...

Gageac Castle

Chateau Classé, one of the most charming of the Bergeracois
At the 12th, a guard tower dependent on the Château de DURAS, the stronghold of Gageac is made up of a unique dungeon whose access...

Calviac Zoological Reserve

Conservatory of Endangered species
The zoological reserve of Calviac is a non-profit institution that has a mission of conservation of endangered species the actions of...

Lascaux II

The most visited, ornate cave in the world
Discover Lascaux II on a guided tour of 1 H 30 in a small committee ... When the cave of Lascaux closes at the ...

Aquarium Périgord Noir

The largest freshwater aquarium in Europe is in Périgord
The largest freshwater aquarium in Europe offers 4000 m² of visit, 66 basins, 3 million litres of water, more than 6000 fish;...
Allée Paul-Jean Souriau 99
The Bugue

Echourgnac Abbey

A Cistercian abbey in Périgord
The abbey of the hatch of Our Lady of Good Hope is located in the heart of the Double, in the commune of Échourgnac (400 inhabitants),...

The castle of Losse and its gardens

Château en Dordogne: witness of the Renaissance "1576"
"There is the spirit of the Places" at 5 km from Montignac-Lascaux on the D706 in direction of Les Eyzies, the Castle of Losse...

The Caves of Maxange

Let yourself be caught by a unique and fairytale cave.
The caves of Maxange, in the valley of the Dordogne are surprising to more than one title share their history already, which is not banal ...
Le Buisson-de-Cadouin

Foie Gras House

Foie Gras House, from the beginning to the present day.
Within an architecture combining traditions and modernity, the scenography stages the life of the goose and the duck of prehistory...
Place Mar Foch 8

Préhisto Park

Prehistory as if you were there!
Journey to the heart of our origins, from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon nestled in a haven of greenery and located between two cliffs in the heart of the valley of ...
La Faure Reignac

Beynac Castle

Emblematic medieval fortress of the Dordogne
The Château de Beynac is one of the best preserved and one of the most famous of Périgord it was built in the 12th century by ...
Road of the Castle

Puymartin Castle

The castle of the White Lady
History of the Castle of Puymartin the construction of the castle began in the 13th century in 1357, the castle becomes English possession...

Miremont Fortress

Miremont: Military Castle of the Middle Ages
The fortress of Miremont is part of the lineage of the great military castles of the Middle Ages, with its Romanesque dungeon with flat buttresses of the ...

Jacquou Park

Amusement and Leisure Park for the whole family in Dordogne
Jacquou Parc is a vast area of leisure located on the road Périgueux/Le Bugue We offer unlimited access to the 22 rides of the ...
The Ménuse-d710
The Bugue

Hautefort Castle

The castle jewel of the Périgord noir
The elegant silhouette of the Château de Hautefort is at the top of a plateau that dominates the valleys of the Bernier and the heavy, two ...

Castle of the bishop

One of the thirty most beautiful castles in Périgord!
Castle Castle The bishop is the former summer Palace of the bishops of Périgueux, and only castle of this city, it is ...
Rue du Château

Mirror Maze Prehistoric Maze

Surprise Cro Magnon in his incredible maze of mirrors
The prehistoric labyrinth is a playful and pedagogical universe where you can have an offbeat vision of prehistory by living A...
Allée Paul-Jean Souriau 99
The Bugue on Vézère

Grand Roc Cave

An exceptional gem of concretions in the Dordogne
Discovered by Jean Maury on 29 April 1924, the caves of the Grand Roc were arranged and opened for the visit in 1927 they open to ...
Road to Périgueux
Les eyzies de Tayac

Roque Saint Christophe

La Roque Saint-Christophe Fort and Cité Troglodityques
Halfway between Les EYZIES and MONTIGNAC-LASCAUX, rises in a peak on the Vézère the cliff of the ROQUE SAINT CHRISTOPHE this real wall ...
La Roque Saint-Christophe

Château des Milandes

The old House of Josephine Baker-Raptors show
Must-See in Dordogne Périgord! The visit of the Château des Milandes is a wonderful dive in the life of the castle at the time of ...


Romantic and picturesque gardens overlooking the Dordogne masterpiece of topiary art
The gardens of Marqueyssac perched on a rocky spur overlooking the valley of the Dordogne offers you in a magical place one of the most beautiful ...

Street Museum of Time passing

A jump in time ...
What is the museum of the street of time that passes imagine you can go back in the past, the time of a walk in the streets ...

Reignac's Strong house

"Château Falaise" unique in France
The strong house of Reignac preserved in an exceptional and entirely epochal state, it is in France the only monument of this type ...

Chateau de Castelnaud

Medieval castle, Museum of War in the Middle Ages in the Dordogne
The castle of Castelnaud dominates the valley of the Dordogne, it faces the castle of Beynac located on the other side of the ...

General company of Minerals and jewellery

Workshop-Museum of minerals and jewellery in Dordogne, free visit.
Free visit of our museum remarkable by their riches of shapes and colors, the minerals have bewitched the man since ...

Eyrignac and its gardens

The most beautiful garden in Périgord
The gardens of the Manoir Eyrignac, enshrined in historical Monuments since 1986, are undoubtedly the most beautiful gardens of Périgord...

Cloister of Cadouin

A masterpiece of Gothic art enshrined in the World heritage
The Flamboyant Gothic cloister dates from the end of the fifteenth century after having undergone a major restoration campaign of sculptures, ...
Place of the Abbey
Le Buisson-de-Cadouin

La Roque Gageac

Village between the cliff and the river Dordogne
La Roque Gageac is one of the most beautiful villages in France nestled against a huge limestone cliff in the hollow of a meandering Dordogne ...
La Roque-Gageac

Bourdeilles Castle

Two castles of different eras
The Château de Bourdeilles is part of Beynac, Biron and Mareuil of the 4 baronies of Périgord It is actually composed of 2 castles: ...
The village

Gold Gallery

Learn all about precious metal
Located in an old cellar adjoining the tourist Office and a few steps from the Château de Jumilhac, the Gold Gallery presents an exhibition...

The farm of the Four Winds

Angora goat Breeding-mohair production
If you want to discover an atypical breeding in the heart of the Périgord Noir, Mathieu Lauvie opens the doors of his goat farm ...

The gardens of the Chartreuse du Colombier

Remarkable garden
Surrounded by a bucolic and refined Chartreuse, from the 17th and 18th centuries, hunting lodges and lodgings in the fields, the gardens of the ...

Brantôme Abbey

An exceptional site
The abbey of Brantôme known as Saint Peter of Brantôme was founded according to the legend in 769 by Charlemagne him MêmeElle was...
Boulevard Charlemagne 14

Lardimalie Chai Museum

Wine Museum, Chai de Lardimalie
Near Périgueux, in the centre of the Dordogne, in Périgord Blanc, the Chai de Lardimalie Museum is located in a winery building ...
St Pierre de Chignac

To the ponds of the BOS

A water park and family leisure in Périgord noir
An entertaining interlude for the whole family awaits you at the Bos ponds, small and large will be able to indulge in their activity ...

Castle of Biron

An exceptional architectural ensemble!
The Château de Biron, one of the 4 baronies of Périgord with Beynac, Biron and Mareuil, presents an impressive architectural ensemble in the...

Abbey Church of Paunat

12th Century Abbey
The church of Saint-Martial is the abbey of one of the oldest abbeys of Périgord, it is classified as monuments...

Gardens The Bamboos of Planbuisson

A dream of bamboo in Dordogne Périgord
A dream of Bamboos in Périgord: The Bamboos of PlanBuisson are a unique collection in Europe of bamboos and other grasses from all over the world ...
Rue Montaigne 20
Le Buisson-de-Cadouin


Village of Art singular 4 km from Sarlat
Gorodka is part of the itinerary of the singular art (published by the Palace of the horse factor) "If there was a competition...
Rue Louis de Champagne