Theme parks and amusement parks of Dordogne Périgord!

The Dordogne department has exploited all this wealth to make you enjoy it. Around the prehistory and life of the Cro-Magnon, the local fauna and the sharing of our traditions and the life of yesteryear but also Water parks.

Everyone has a mind of their own that is ready to delight you, for the enjoyment of all.Discover our selection of amusement parks and theme park! Children's Park or for adults or family, they are waiting for you...

To the ponds of the BOS

A water park and family leisure in Périgord noir
An entertaining interlude for the whole family awaits you at the Bos ponds, small and large will be able to indulge in their activity ...


Come and travel through time. In the Dordogne
The Dinosaur park is a journey through the eras to discover the first lizards of Earth, edaphosaurs and meet creatures ...

Jacquou Park

Amusement and Leisure Park for the whole family in Dordogne
Jacquou Parc is a vast area of leisure located on the road Périgueux/Le Bugue We offer unlimited access to the 22 rides of the ...
The Ménuse-d710
The Bugue

Aquarium Périgord Noir

The largest freshwater aquarium in Europe is in Périgord
The largest freshwater aquarium in Europe offers 4000 m² of visit, 66 basins, 3 million litres of water, more than 6000 fish;...
Allée Paul-Jean Souriau 99
The Bugue

Cave of the Rock of Cazelle

Prehistory, history and nature in the country of man
Come and discover in this gripping prehistoric park, the reenactments of the life of our distant ancestors and this in the same places ...
Road to Sarlat
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Le Bournat Park

Theme park: Life in 1900 in the Dordogne
Go to meet the villagers of the Bournat by walking the streets of this restored village with authentic stones from Périgord Le...
Allée Paul-Jean Souriau
The Bugue

Mirror Maze Prehistoric Maze

Surprise Cro Magnon in his incredible maze of mirrors
The prehistoric labyrinth is a playful and pedagogical universe where you can have an offbeat vision of prehistory by living A...
Allée Paul-Jean Souriau 99
The Bugue on Vézère

Préhisto Park

Prehistory as if you were there!
Journey to the heart of our origins, from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon nestled in a haven of greenery and located between two cliffs in the heart of the valley of ...
La Faure Reignac

The Park of Thot

Welcome to this center of interpretation of prehistory
The park of the Thot is a museum space with a 5-facsimiles animal Park of the gallery of the nave of Lascaux (not represented in ...)