The most beautiful caves and chasms in the Dordogne Périgord

The Caves of Dordogne are all more interesting than the others, some are geological curiosities decorated with concretions, others were visited by prehistoric cavemen such as Cro magnon in particular in the Vézère valley during the Magdalenian period.

Ornate Prehistoric Caves World-famous as masterpieces of prehistoric art: the "Venus of Laussel" and the "Frieze of Horses" in high relief at Cap Blanc, and above all the famous cave paintings of the Lascaux caves: horse, aurochs, bison, deer, bulls, ibexes and mammoths

Caves in Concretions The concretions are the fruit of the alchemy between water, rock and time. An astonishing work of erosion which first dug cavities in the rock followed by the slow crystallization of minerals contained in the secular water. Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, draperies, eccentrics: all these concretions are offered to your eyes in our underground.

The chasms The chasms are distinguished from the caves by their generally imposing entrance, which has a marked verticality. Sometimes the chasms have a very important entrance as in Padirac, but others like that of Proumeyssac barely open on the outside and have long been unexplored because smoking and known once as "Devil's Hole"

Le Regourdou

The Neanderthal Sanctuary

The extraordinary story of Regourdou began in 1954 when Roger Constant, the owner of a farm near the cave of Regourdou,...


La Grotte de Maxange

Let yourself be caught by a unique and magical cave.

The Grotte de Maxange, in the Dordogne valley, is surprising in many ways It begins with its history, which is not a history of its own...

Le Buisson-de-Cadouin

Abri de Laugerie Basse

Prehistoric site inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List

At the prehistoric shelters of Laugerie Basse, walk under a real habitat occupied by Man since the Magdalenian period, and which...

Les Eyzies

Grotte de Bara-Bahau

The bear sanctuary

The Bara-Bahau (or Bara-Bao) cave is one of the Palaeolithic decorated caves in the valley of...

Le Bugue

La Grotte des Carbonnières

A magical atmosphere: a sound and light ambiance

The Grotte des Carbonnières was discovered in the 2000s, then developed and opened to the public in 2018 by Jean-Max Touron.


Grotte de Domme

Visit the cave of Domme, you will love it!

Under the Bastide of Domme, a village classified as one of the "most beautiful villages in France", lives the fantastic world of the largest cave in the world...

Place de la Halle

Grotte Font de Gaume

One of the most beautiful Paleolithic sanctuaries in the world

Listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1979, Font-de-Gaume is an ornate cave and one of the most beautiful Paleolithic sanctuaries...

Avenue des Grottes 4
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Grotte de Villars

Cave adorned with prehistoric and concretions paintings.

The Villars cave is the only cave in the Périgord to contain both original prehistoric paintings and concretions The river...

The Cluzeau

L’Abri Cro-Magnon

Emblematic place of the discovery of Cro-magnon Man

The Cro-Magnon shelter is the emblematic place of the discovery, giving its name to the first modern man: Cro-Magnon man (synonymous with...

Chemin de Cro Magnon 2
Les Eyzies

Roque Saint Christophe

La Roque Saint-Christophe Troglodyte Fort and City

Halfway between LES EYZIES and MONTIGNAC-LASCAUX, the cliff of the ROQUE SAINT CHRISTOPHE rises steeply from the Vézère. This real wall...

La Roque Saint-Christophe

Grotte du grand Roc

An exceptional gem of concretions in the Dordogne

Discovered by Jean Maury on April 29, 1924, the Caves of the Grand Roc were arranged and opened for the visit in 1927 they open to...

route de Périgueux

Gouffre de Padirac

Reality is beyond imagination!

Close to Rocamadour, Le Gouffre de Padirac is in the Dordogne Valley on the Causse du Quercy in the Lot region, just an hour from Sarlat. The...

The Abyss

La grotte du Sorcier

prehistoric decorated cave and troglodytic site

The Cave of the Sorcerer is located on the heights of the small village of Saint-Cirq between Le Bugue and Les Eyzies de Taillac. The cave is nestled in the hollow of the...

Les Eyzies

Le Parc du Thot

Extend your experience in prehistory

In the Parc du Thot, you will discover Cro-Magnon man and his relationship with the species that lived in his time, which he sometimes painted or...


Grotte de Rouffignac

The Cave of a Hundred Mammoths

Situated in the commune of Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin in Périgord Noir, the cave of Rouffignac, formerly known as the "Cro de...


Grotte des Combarelles

More than 800 Magdalenian engravings, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Cave of the Combarelles, located at the bottom of a valley at the exit of Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil in the Dordogne, on the road to Sarlat, is a...

Avenue des Grottes 1-4
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Grottes du Roc de Cazelle

Prehistory, history and nature in the land of man

Come to discover the Caves of the Roc de Cazelle a seizing prehistoric park where are presented to you the reconstitutions of the life of our...

Route de Sarlat
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Gouffre de Proumeyssac

The Crystal Cathedral of Dordogne Perigord

History of the Proumeyssac chasm Already in the 18th century, the Proumeyssac chasm was known in the Dordogne for its terrifying legends: it was...


Lascaux 4 Centre International de l’Art Pariétal

Lascaux International Centre for Cave Art ( lascaux 4 )

The facsimile of the cave of Lascaux Lascaux 4 hosts the replica of the famous cave of Lascaux, named after the hill underneath...