Weather Périgueux, Sarlat, Bergerac and Brantôme

Please find below weather forecast for the main towns in Dordogne Périgord. This can be very useful, as the department is vast and the weather is often very different from one Périgord region to another. You can frequently have rain in Périgueux and full sunshine in Sarlat and Bergerac.

Consult the weather forecast for the 4 major towns in the Dordogne : Périgueux, Sarlat, Bergerac and Brantôme and organize your stay according to the whims of the weather.

The weather in Périgord Noir

[weatherlayer country="France" city="Sarlat-la-caneda" display="vertical"]

The weather in Périgord Blanc

[weatherlayer country="France" city="Perigueux" display="vertical"]

The weather in Périgord Pourpre

[weatherlayer country="France" city="Bergerac" display="vertical"]

The weather in Périgord Vert

[weatherlayer country="France" city="brantome" display="vertical"]

The climate in the Dordogne

The Périgord enjoys an oceanic climate, pleasant in all seasons and eminently temperate, thanks to the influence of the Gulf Stream, whose warm waters warm the west coast of Europe. However, temperatures vary widely depending on the type of exposure and the configuration of the ground, whether hilly or flat, open or wooded.
From west to east, however, the influence of the Atlantic Ocean diminishes. Périgord is a land of transition between the temperate oceanic climate of Aquitaine and the semi-montane climate of the Massif Central foothills.

  • Spring is often rainy but pleasant, with mild temperatures and, when the clouds clear, beautiful days.
  • Summer is often dry and sunny. It's quite hot
  • Autumn is a beautiful season, with mild weather and a gradual return to humidity.
  • Winter is mild. There are a few frosts. Snow is rare and never heavy.

The north is cooler in summer and colder in winter, due to the difference in altitude as you approach the Massif Central. And locally too, depending on sun exposure and vegetation.
On average, the Dordogne department enjoys over 2,000 hours of sunshine, which is higher than the national average. 100 hours corresponds to around ten days of sunshine. The Périgord therefore spends around 200 days in the sun.