Kayak canoe rental bases in Dordogne Périgord

The bases of canoës du Périgord offer canoeing, kayaking and even paddle boarding.

The Dordogne department is particularly well-suited to nautical activities. Minibuses drop you off upstream according to your choice of itinerary and duration, and you cruise at your own pace. Over 600 km of meandering rivers await you, offering remarkable scenery: The Dordogne, The Vézère, Isle, Dronne and Céou rivers etc.

Along the way, there are bars snack bars offering cold drinks, ice creams and delicacies, and you'll regularly stop off at the beaches for a swim.

Canoeing is one of the must-do leisure activities for families and friends on vacation. You'll pass through some of France's most beautiful villages and sites: La Roque gageac, Beynac....

Get ready to paddle!