The parks and gardens of Dordogne Périgord

Guaranteed escape in one of the many Gardens and Remarkable parks of  Périgord. Whether they are "French", modern, thematic or contemporary, the emotions will be at the rendezvous.In the Dordogne you will discover the greatest masterpieces of art topiary.Find below a very attractive selection of Most beautiful gardens. To achieve such results it takes years of work and considerable maintenance.

The gardens of the Chartreuse du Colombier

Remarkable garden
Surrounded by a bucolic and refined Chartreuse, from the 17th and 18th centuries, hunting lodges and lodgings in the fields, the gardens of the ...

Gardens The Bamboos of Planbuisson

A dream of bamboo in Dordogne Périgord
A dream of Bamboos in Périgord: The Bamboos of PlanBuisson are a unique collection in Europe of bamboos and other grasses from all over the world ...
Rue Montaigne 20
Le Buisson-de-Cadouin


The gardens of the Château de Jumilhac
The Marquis de Jumilhac wanted in the seventeenth century to modernize his castle and to draw it from the ancestral times present at the Court of Versailles, he ...

The castle of Losse and its gardens

Château en Dordogne: witness of the Renaissance "1576"
"There is the spirit of the Places" at 5 km from Montignac-Lascaux on the D706 in direction of Les Eyzies, the Castle of Losse...


Romantic and picturesque gardens overlooking the Dordogne masterpiece of topiary art
The gardens of Marqueyssac perched on a rocky spur overlooking the valley of the Dordogne offers you in a magical place one of the most beautiful ...

Eyrignac and its gardens

The most beautiful garden in Périgord
The gardens of the Manoir Eyrignac, enshrined in historical Monuments since 1986, are undoubtedly the most beautiful gardens of Périgord...

Hautefort Castle

The castle jewel of the Périgord noir
The elegant silhouette of the Château de Hautefort is at the top of a plateau that dominates the valleys of the Bernier and the heavy, two ...

Château des Milandes

The old House of Josephine Baker-Raptors show
Must-See in Dordogne Périgord! The visit of the Château des Milandes is a wonderful dive in the life of the castle at the time of ...