Chateau de Castelnaud

The Château de Castelnaud is a fortress dating from the 12th century, classified as a historical monument. It is indeed a must-see of your holiday in Périgord. The castle hosts the war Museum in the Middle Ages as well as reproductions of full-scale war machines.
It will offer you a remarkable panorama on the Dordogne and the castle of Beynac, La Roque Gageac or the gardens of Marqueyssac, classified as Castelnaud among the "most beautiful Villages of France" located in the Dordogne. Open all year round with many animations for the whole family.
All the information for your visit to Castelnaud here or on the site Castelnaud's official

The Castle of Beynac

The Castle of Beynac is one of the best preserved and one of the most famous of Périgord.
It was built in the 12th century by the barons of Beynac who control from this place the roads and navigable waterways of the Dordogne.
You will discover during your visit, the hall of the adjacent guards at the Dungeon, the Hall of the states of Périgord, the terrace of the spur with its breathtaking view on the valley of the Dordogne, the kitchens with their imposing chimney and the Barbican a fortification Advanced to protect the main entrance of the fortress and to slow down the enemies.
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The Château de Commarque

More intimate than its neighbours of the Périgord noir, this unique site tells the story of the men who succeeded in it for 15 000 years.
The visit begins with a walk through the valley at the prehistoric cave, continues in the cliff by the Troglodyteed settlements, then by the fortified medieval village, to the dungeon that dominates an impressive panorama.

The whole history of the Château de Commarque with Pé Or on the official website of the Castle of Commarque

Lascaux IV

Lascaux IV or International center of Parietal Art is a complete replica tracing the discovery of the famous ornate grotto. The whole site questions the place that Lascaux occupies in the parietal art and its relationship with contemporary creation.
Opened since December 2016, this non-standard building buried, perfectly fits the hill of Montignac. This architectural feat alone is worth a visit.

Know everything to prepare your visit to Lascaux IV here And on the Official website of Lascaux

The Gardens of Eyrignac

The gardens of the Manoir Eyrignac, historical monuments of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, are undoubtedly the most Beautiful gardens of Périgord With a unique collection of vegetable sculptures.
Masterpiece of art topiary, these gardens of greenery composed of charm, IFS, Buis and Cypress are beautiful and different every season and visit every day of the year.
Throughout the year, animations are offered.

All about the gardens of Eyrignac with or on The official website

The Gardens of Marqueyssac

A classified Site, the Hanging Gardens of Marqueyssac offer around a castle covered with slate from the beginning of the nineteenth century, more than 6 kilometers of shady walks, lined with 150 000 century hand-carved centennials, and embellished with lookouts, rubbles, Waterfalls and green Theatres ...
It faces the Château de Castelnaud and dominates the Dordogne valley. A pure example of the art of man to shape nature.
It easily finds its place in the top 10 sites to visit in the Dordogne
Learn more with the detailed listing of Marqueyssac Gardens or on the Official website

The Bournat Park

On the banks of the Vézère, this vast site extends over hectares on which the reenactments of the old life are laid out. Artisans revive a forgotten world. To do this, children and adults indulge in the ancestral gestures of the miller, the blacksmith, the baker, the strapping, the Wood Turner, the potter, etc. This very popular leisure park in Périgord has 10 rides at the time of 1900.
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The Aquarium of the black Périgord

We are proud to own the largest freshwater aquarium in Europe in the Dordogne. It houses more than 6000 fish of all species. Throughout your visit you will participate in animations such as feeding carps or make the acquaintance of snakes and other alligators and iguanas. The site has been enhanced by novelty such as Miror maze a prehistoric labyrinth, Big Bird a strong air path and minigolf.

All the information and prices of the aquarium of Périgord noir On Pé or The official website of the Aquarium

La Roque Saint Christophe

Troglodyte sites in Périgord? If only one should be remembered, it would be the Roque Saint Fet, a majestic site dominating the Vézère valley, perched at tens of metres high, a long notch in the cliff that has sheltered men since the dawn of time.
You will discover reenactments of prehistoric scenes, a forge, a medieval kitchen, equipment used for the development of the site through the eras
To know everything, Discover the detailed page of La Roque Saint Christophe

The Strong house of Reignac

The facade of the 14th century is only the visible part of the strong house of Reignac a large fortified mansion. Behind, there are many rooms dug in the rock, in an exceptional state of conservation and decorated with period furniture.
Classified historical monument, it is in Périgord the strangest, most secret, most extraordinary and most mysterious castle also
It's up to you to unravel its mysteries...
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The Caves of Maxange

The caves of Maxange in the bush of Cadouin, offer a rare diversity in concretions.
You will discover stalactites of stalagmites, numerous panels of aragonites covering entire walls, fistulas of extreme finesse, and above all an exceptional profusion of rare crystallizations called "eccentric" absolutely Remarkable.
In short a geological masterpiece to visit absolutely.
All the information on the detailed card or on The official website

The Chasm of Proumeyssac

The abyss of Proumeyssac is a huge underground vault that owes its nickname "Crystal Cathedral" to its walls adorned with exceptional density crystallizations.
No one could have imagined that such a treasure was hiding under our feet. It took several centuries before we dared to venture into it.
Now accessible by a transversal corridor, it is without difficulty that you will be able to discover all the splendours.
All about the abyss of Proumeyssac here

The Museum of the street of time that passes

The last one arrived in the sites to visit in Dordogne, since opened since December 2016, it is no less interesting and original. Located at Allas les Mines in Périgord Noir, all at the edge of the Dordogne, this timeless place does not resemble a traditional museum, but rather a village 1900 which would have arisen from the past.
A coup de coeur de Pé for this little museum to discover.
Know everything by consulting the detailed sheet.

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