Animal parks, Zoo, aquariums of Dordogne Périgord

Discover Animal parks From Périgord, Zoo and Aquarium. A must-have outing to please the children, let you surprise.

Tapirs, Gluttons, aurochs, marmosets, wallabies, lemurs, ibexers, pythons and many other animals are waiting to see your face.

In natural settings you can get into the privacy of animals. Zoological reserves are sanctuaries for preserving species at risk where animals evolve in semi-freedom.

Le Regourdou

The Neanderthal Sanctuary

The extraordinary story of Le Regourdou began in 1954, when Roger Constant, owner of a farm close to the...


Réserve Zoologique de Calviac

Conservatory of threatened species

The Calviac Zoological Reserve is a non-profit institution with a mission to conserve endangered species.


Le Parc Sauvage

Birds of prey and animals of the farm and our forests

The Parc Sauvage, in La Tour-Blanche, is a zoological park consisting of an educational farm with rare domestic breeds, a...

Le Claud
La Tour-Blanche-Cercles

Parc Animalier De Gramat

in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Causses du Quercy

Set in over 40 hectares of shady parkland, the Parc Animalier de Gramat is home to 1,000 European wild and domestic animals of 150 species...


Aquarium Périgord noir

The largest freshwater aquarium in Europe is in the Périgord

The Aquarium Périgord Noir is the largest private freshwater aquarium in Europe; on more than 4,000m2, discover 70 tanks containing 3,000 fish.

Allée Paul-Jean Souriau 99
Le Bugue

La Ferme des 4 Vents

Angora goat Breeding-Mohair Production

If you want to discover an atypical breeding in the heart of Périgord Noir, Mathieu Lauvie opens the doors of his goatry of the farm...


Le Parc du Thot

Extend your experience in prehistory

In the Parc du Thot, you will discover Cro-Magnon man and his relationship with the species that lived in his time, which he sometimes painted or...