The castles and mansions of Dordogne Périgord

The Dordogne department: Land of Miles and a castles! In the Middle Ages, Aquitaine and in particular the Dordogne was an area of major conflict between France and England: The famous Hundred Years ' War. The region then covered more than Thousand Fortified castles. Dominating the valley of the Vézère or the valley of the Dordogne on rocky Spurs but also in Périgord purple and Périgord Blanc.

From the fortified castle to the Renaissance Castle, through the strong house, come and discover this exceptional Périgourdin architectural heritage in a region filled with history and stories. Many castles are grouped around the medieval city of Sarlat la Canéda and close to the most beautiful villages of France.

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Miremont Fortress

Miremont: Military Castle of the Middle Ages
The fortress of Miremont is part of the lineage of the great military castles of the Middle Ages, with its Romanesque dungeon with flat buttresses of the ...

Chateau de la Marthonie

Chateau de la Marthonie
The first constructions of the Château de la Marthonie date back to the 12th century, destroyed during the Hundred Years War, it was...
The village

Château des Milandes

The old House of Josephine Baker-Raptors show
Must-See in Dordogne Périgord! The visit of the Château des Milandes is a wonderful dive in the life of the castle at the time of ...

Chateau de Castelnaud

Medieval castle, Museum of War in the Middle Ages in the Dordogne
The castle of Castelnaud dominates the valley of the Dordogne, it faces the castle of Beynac located on the other side of the ...

Jumilhac Castle

5 Centuries of history, Art and Architecture in Haut-Périgord
Just like Saint-Yrieix, 12 kilometers away, the Château de Jumilhac formed, on the steps of the Limousin and Périgord, a defensive line during the ...
Castle Square

Beynac Castle

Emblematic medieval fortress of the Dordogne
The Château de Beynac is one of the best preserved and one of the most famous of Périgord it was built in the 12th century by ...
Road of the Castle

Hautefort Castle

The castle jewel of the Périgord noir
The elegant silhouette of the Château de Hautefort is at the top of a plateau that dominates the valleys of the Bernier and the heavy, two ...

Montreal Castle

Renaissance Castle, historical monument
Located 7 km from Mussidan, the elegant Chateau de Montréal overlooks the valley of the Crempse This is a castle of the...

Puymartin Castle

The castle of the White Lady
History of the Castle of Puymartin the construction of the castle began in the 13th century in 1357, the castle becomes English possession...

Fénelon Castle

Feudal fortress of the Périgord noir
Feudal fortress of Périgord Noir enrolled in a double enclosure, this castle with the roof in Lauze draws its powerful silhouette above...

Castle of Biron

An exceptional architectural ensemble!
The Château de Biron, one of the 4 baronies of Périgord with Beynac, Biron and Mareuil, presents an impressive architectural ensemble in the...

Castle of the Harris

A Autenthique site, a marvel of flamboyant architecture
The Château de le Hermes, a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic architecture built between 1500 and 1520 by Jean de Calvimont will be abandoned ...

Reignac's Strong house

"Château Falaise" unique in France
The strong house of Reignac preserved in an exceptional and entirely epochal state, it is in France the only monument of this type ...

The castle of Losse and its gardens

Château en Dordogne: witness of the Renaissance "1576"
"There is the spirit of the Places" at 5 km from Montignac-Lascaux on the D706 in direction of Les Eyzies, the Castle of Losse...

Castle of Commarque

In the heart of 15000 years of history in the Dordogne
The Château de Commarque: a medieval castrum overlooking the valley of the Beune, the Château de Commarque was built for the purpose of ...
Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Castle of the bishop

One of the thirty most beautiful castles in Périgord!
Castle Castle The bishop is the former summer Palace of the bishops of Périgueux, and only castle of this city, it is ...
Rue du Château

Bourdeilles Castle

Two castles of different eras
The Château de Bourdeilles is part of Beynac, Biron and Mareuil of the 4 baronies of Périgord It is actually composed of 2 castles: ...
The village

Gageac Castle

Chateau Classé, one of the most charming of the Bergeracois
At the 12th, a guard tower dependent on the Château de DURAS, the stronghold of Gageac is made up of a unique dungeon whose access...


Romantic and picturesque gardens overlooking the Dordogne masterpiece of topiary art
The gardens of Marqueyssac perched on a rocky spur overlooking the valley of the Dordogne offers you in a magical place one of the most beautiful ...