Durandal Park Durandal Park

Durandal Park

Parc Durandal in Rocamadour: horse show

Parc Durandal - Rocamadour

Equestrian stunts, fights, atypical characters, offbeat humor, a great sense of complicity and closeness with the artists await you at Parc Durandal!

Hear ye, hear ye, good folk!

Nelson de Montfort invites you to Rocamadour for "Les Hippiques Jeux d'Olympe", an adventure worthy of fairy tales... or Monty Python! The most daring knights from the four corners of the globe will face off in a series of incredible events.

On the program: jousts in which horse and rider challenge balance, acrobatics each more impressive than the last and, of course, fights in which you wonder whether it's the sword that's made of plastic or the knight who's made of foam!

Sharpen your zygomatic muscles and thunder with applause at this wacky show, where the only rule is not to take yourself too seriously! Come one, come all, because in Rocamadour, madness is sacrosanct!

Share these unforgettable moments, for the whole family, in a pleasant park and shaded stands!


Pricing details


Adults: €14
Children (under 15): €11


Groups (10 people)

Adults: €12
Children (under 15): €10

All our shows are free for children under 7.

Dates and times

July 14 to August 1 except Fridays and Saturdays
August 2 to August 29 except Saturdays

Screenings: 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. - Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes

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Le marcayou 46500 Rocamadour



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