Roc de Cazelle caves Roc de Cazelle caves Roc de Cazelle caves Roc de Cazelle caves Roc de Cazelle caves Roc de Cazelle caves

Roc de Cazelle caves

Prehistory, history and nature in the land of Man

Welcome to Grottes du Roc de Cazelle

Come and discover Roc de Cazelle caves a striking prehistoric park featuring reconstructions of the lives of our distant ancestors in the very places where they lived. Your visit takes you from prehistory to the Middle Ages, when the site was excavated and converted into a veritable fortified castle.

You'll follow the steep cliffs, entirely excavated by caves, refuges, underground passages and habitats in which countless tools and weapons carved by prehistoric man have been collected.

You'll discover over 100 perfectly-recreated characters and animals, including life-size mammoths and woolly rhinoceroses.

You can discover the monolithic house of the last inhabitants of Cazelle, carved entirely out of the rock (troglodytic dwelling) and still occupied in the 1960s. The traditional dwelling has been reconstructed, in keeping with local Périgord customs and history.

The route is easy, fun and effortless, organized in chronological order to take you on a journey through time.

You'll also discover a mini-farm and its animals, and you can try your hand at the Archimedes screw, which allows you to lift water effortlessly.

In summer, you can take part in educational workshops at no extra cost: propulsor shooting, cave painting, flint knapping and fire lighting, led by enthusiastic instructors.

The Roc de Cazelle caves are open all year round.

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