Barrière Castle

A ruin in good condition

Welcome to Château de Barrière

Barrière Castle dates back to 1312, and was built by the de Barrière family in the 13th century, with a keep surrounded by a moat cut into the rock and fed by a spring.

Badly damaged by the passage of time, and in particular by a fire in 1898, the château is located in the center of Villamblard.

Recently restored, despite its ruinous appearance, it can be visited and houses two important collections of objects from neighboring forges and Périgord. The floors of the northern dwelling and keep have been restored, as has a staircase.

The château is open to visitors free of charge.

photo:By Father Igor - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


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Av. Edouard Dupuy, 24140 Villamblard


White Périgord

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