The Carbonnières cave The Carbonnières cave The Carbonnières cave

The Carbonnières cave

A fairytale atmosphere: light and sound

Welcome to Grotte des Carbonnières

The Carbonnières cave was discovered in the 2000s, then landscaped and opened to the public in 2018 by Jean-Max Touron. It is located between Souillac and Rocamadour, in the small village of Lacave.

The Grotte des Carbonnières is a concretion cave, hollowed out by water over geological time. Through erosion and crystallization, water run-off has shaped the various concretions: stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, eccentrics... You'll find a wide variety of geological formations here, highlighted by judicious lighting.

More than 350 meters of galleries and 6 large halls follow one another, one of which spans more than 1000m², with ceiling heights of up to 15 meters.
The color contrasts are striking and the multitude of eccentric concretions give this unique place an enchanting atmosphere. The cave offers an exceptional subterranean landscape, with a ceiling traversed by remarkable roots.

In the last room, a real sound and light show awaits you. The Grotte des Carbonnières is equipped with modern LED lighting, which illuminates the cave to the rhythm of your footsteps. The visit lasts around 1 hour, so bring a jacket as the cave is cool all year round (14°C).

Audio guides are available in English, Dutch and Spanish.

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Grotte des carbonnières Route de Rocamadour 46200 LACAVE



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