Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes Château des Milandes

Château des Milandes

The old House of Josephine Baker-Raptors show

Welcome to the Château des Milandes

Must-See in Dordogne Périgord! The visit of the Château des Milandes is a wonderful dive in the castle life at the time of Josephine Baker Whose fate remains out of the ordinary.

Built in 1489 by François de Caumont, Seigneur of Castelnaud, on the initiative of his wife Claude de Cardaillac, this Renaissance castle enjoys a wonderful panorama on the Dordogne valley. Slate roofs, woodwork, large mulled windows and beautifully preserved stained glass are the architectural and aesthetic charm of the chateau. The Renaissance fireplaces mingle with the art-deco bathrooms, the gargoyles scrutinize the garden and its centuries-old magnolias.

Visit with brochure or audio guide and songs of the artist.

Shop. Free parking. Activities around the falconry (children 5 to 10 years old) and feeding of exotic birds during all holidays.

The animation 2018

Workshop Musketeer

If your children want an introduction to fencing: See you on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 2.30 pm and 4pm for Atelier Musketeers: Swords in Fist! From February to March 11th.
Share a fencing lesson with the Lord of Caumont-strength.
The children are greeted by the son of the Lord of Caumont who is looking for the budding musketeers to present to the king. They will wear the famous habit of the musketeers and discover the learning of fencing safely.

Attacks, parades, dodges: The workshop lasts 30 minutes and takes place in the "Aula" of the Lord, living room of the Lord in the castle. At the end of the workshop, children will be able to show their parents the fight they have learned. No extra price for animations. Places Limited to 12/15 children.

Falconry Workshop

Come and play the castle like a princess or a falconer!
Discover the world of raptors with disguises and manipulation of the material. There are surprises waiting for you.

Workshop Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: February 10 to March 11, 2018.

Children 5 to 11 years old at 4pm. Limited seating for 20 children. Duration 35 mn.

NEW: An Adolescent Falconry workshop/ADULDES is scheduled at 2.30 pm: (Duration 35 minutes)

Practical information

Last admission: 1 h before closing. This time period allows you to see the castle and the upper terraces of the garden; However we advise you to plan at least 2 hours on the site to take advantage of all the activities proposed.

Our parking is accessible free of charge, it is located a few tens of meters from the main entrance grid.

The handicapped places are about 40 meters from the gate; Attention, the persons in the armchair must be accompanied (between the parking lot and the castle, a communal road runs along the property).

Price details

Adult 10 euros
Child: 6.50 euros
Adult groups consult us.

The rate includes all the services on the site.

Dates and times

Opening of the castle: from March 26th to November 13th 2016

26/03 at 31/05:10 am to 6.30 pm; 1/06 at 10/07:10 am to 7 pm; 11/07 at 31/08:9.30 am to 7.30 pm; 1/09 at 30/09:10 am to 7 pm; 1/10 at 31/10:10 am to 15; 1/11 at 13/11:10 am to 6 pm.

Schedule of Raptor shows:
April: 3.30 pm except w/E and holidays: 15 h and 16 h 30 (a show at 11 h in addition to the 10/04 at 30/04)
May, June, September: 11 H, 15 h and 16 h 30
July and August: 11 H, 14.30, 16 h and 5.30 pm
October: 11 am, 3.30 pm
November: 15 h

Brasserie from 02/04 to 02/11/2016.

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