Grotto of Villars Grotto of Villars Grotto of Villars Grotto of Villars

Grotto of Villars

Cave adorned with prehistoric and concretions paintings.

Welcome to the Cave of Villars

The Grotto of Villars Is the only cave in Périgord to house both original prehistoric paintings and concretions.
The underground river dug huge halls connected to each other by galleries. Follow the guide to one of the most beautiful natural scenery created by the infiltration waters. A concentrate of 600 meters of corridors and galleries, with easy path, allows to measure the splendor of the cave.

All the vaults, all the walls, all the floors are spiky of calcite, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, pillars, eccentric. All types of concretions meet in this privileged world.

The parietal art is also well represented. The prehistoric part is adorned with paintings made more than 19 000 years ago. Some like the rotunda of the horses are covered with a thin film of calcite that gives them this blue color so peculiar. The scene of the "Buffalo and the Sorcerer" is one of the few human representations of prehistoric art.

The Prehistoric garden

The visit continues outside in the garden of Cro Magnon. This vast and entertaining park allows the whole family to deepen their knowledge about the Cro Magnon man and his surroundings (duration of the course about 1 hour).
It is thought in a playful and pedagogical way with quizzes, a headache for the fashionable photos of Cro-Magnon, botanical panels, reenactments of camp and prehistoric animals... The whole family can, at their own pace, deepen their knowledge of our ancestors.

Free games booklet for children

Prehistoric painting Animations and propeller firing

Wednesday during the Easter and Toussaint holidays of 14:00 17:00

Monday and Friday afternoon from 06 July to 30 August from 14:00 to 18:00

For other dates visit our website

Conditions of Visits

It is forbidden to film and photograph in the cave
Guided tour of the cave: Duration 45 mn.
Video 20mn on the formation of the cave, prehistory and scientific research.
Temperature in the cave 13 °. (Plan a warm garment)
Label tourism and hearing and mental handicap. Not accessible to people in wheelchairs.
Dogs not allowed (only small dogs that can be worn are accepted).
The Discovery Trail is accessible until the departure time of the last visit.

Tariff details


  • ADULT 9.80 €.
  •  CHILD (5 to 15 years old) 6.50 €
  •  STUDENT (under 25 years old with student card) 8.00



  • ADULT (more than 20 persons) 8.00 €
    (Free chauffeur and attendant)
  •  Child (primary schools) €4.80
  •  School (high School) €5.30

Dates and Times

OPEN EVERY DAY From April 1 to November 1

Morning:D 10:00. 12:00. Last visit 11am. 30
Afternoon: 2pm. 7:00. Last seen 18 H. 30

From 10:00 to 7:30. Last visit 6.30 pm

October until 11 November
Afternoon: 2pm. At 6pm. 30 last visit at 5.30 pm.


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