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Castle of Bourdeilles

Travelling through the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Welcome to Château de Bourdeilles

Built on a rocky outcrop, the castle of Bourdeilles brings together two exceptional buildings. A 13th-century medieval fortress flanked by an impressive keep, and an elegant Renaissance dwelling housing one of the richest collections of furniture in Aquitaine.

During the vacations, children can explore the castle with their free puzzle booklet. During the workshops, you can also discover how to make hypocras, a medieval drink, create your own seal or coat-of-arms, or try your hand at calligraphy.

Take a stroll through the château like a privileged guest, in a warm, humorous and unusual atmosphere. Enjoy summer evenings in this exceptional setting, with picnic concerts and open-air cinema.

History of the château :

The earliest traces of Bourdeilles date back to a stronghold where, in 1183, monks took refuge with the relics of Saint Sicaire. It was here, at the end of the 13th century, that the body of a feudal building was erected, which still stands today.
For several centuries, torn between the crowns of France and England, the Château de Bourdeilles weathered many political and religious storms.
Originally a defensive fortress, it was the object of many covetous claims and the scene of bloody epics. After being liberated from the English, it was returned to the Count of Périgord by Duguesclin.
Once peace had returned, Jacquette de Montbron had the Renaissance château built at the end of the 16th century, just a stone's throw from the medieval fortress.
Bourdeilles is also a château for pleasure, reflecting the elegance of a new art of living.

Location for numerous films and TV movies.

iPod Touch Audioguide :
Discover our visioguide available in 5 languages (FR, EN, DE, NL, ES) and a version in Occitan. iPods Touch can be rented on site or downloaded.

Stay independent during your visit with this latest-generation audioguide. It contains audio content, photos, quizzes, panoramas... It's very easy to use and intuitive, thanks to the iPod Touch's touch technology. Accessible to the whole family, the Semitour audioguide is rich in content, and will help you understand the history of the site.

If you have an iPhone or Android phone, you can download the app onto your phone and take advantage of the 3 tour routes (Biron Castlefrom Bourdeilles and the Cloister of Cadouin) for the same price!

New Escape game at Château de Bourdeilles

From Sunday, July 11, 2021 to Tuesday, August 31, 2021 - 10:00 -> 17:00

Equipped with a virtual reality headset, you'll move through four important periods in the history of Bourdeilles castle. Starting with the construction of the keep in 1284 and ending with the building of the Renaissance palace in 1588, you'll take on the role of imprisoned Knights Templar, or find yourself on a battlefield during the Hundred Years' War, defending the castle from English invaders.

To succeed in the various missions, you'll need to analyze your environment, find clues and solve puzzles in collaboration with your game partners.

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Pricing details

Château de Bourdeilles rates - 2024

Adults (13+): €9.50
Children (aged 5 to 12): €6.30
Children (under 5): free

Dates and times

Château opening hours Bourdeilles - 2024

From 09/02 to 05/04: 10am-1pm 2pm-5pm*

From 06/04 to 05/07: 10am-1pm 2pm-6pm

06/07 to 30/08: 10am-7pm

From 02/09 to 03/11: 10am-1pm 2pm-6pm

04/11 to 05/01: 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm*

Admission 1h before closing time. Closed on Mondays, except during school vacations and public holidays.



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