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Capital of the Périgord pourpre Dordogne

City of Bergerac

Bergerac (Brageirac while occupying) has a heritage dear to the heart of its inhabitants, an incomparable quality of life, a strong reputation for savoir vivre.
Numerous events are organised throughout the year.

The Dordogne River and Cyrano de Bergerac await you!


Situated in the purple Périgord, Bergerac, a historic town, invites you to an exciting and picturesque visit. Take the time to stroll through the narrow streets lined with half-timbered houses and the many mansions from another time.
In the centre of the town stands the church of Notre Dame which dates back to the 19th century and was built according to the original plans of Viollet le Duc. It is classified as a historical monument.
The city is home to the tobacco museum, the museum of the city of wine and inland navigation and the Costi Museum sculptor of the last century.
Crossed by the river Dordogne, you will be able to contemplate the coming and going of the "gabares", traditional flat-bottomed boat used in the past to transport goods.

The city is labeled City of art and history by the Ministry of Culture since 1985
It's one of the three sub-prefectures of the Dordogne.

Cyrano emissary of Bergerac

Even if the statue of Cyrano, emblem of the city, stands in Place Pélissière, the character seems never to have come to Bergerac, yet he became the most famous of the Bergeracois.

The character that Edmond Rostand Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac used to write his famous play is indeed from the Paris region, Bergerac being the name of a family residence in the Chevreuse valley in the Yvelines.

It was Edmond Rostand who made it become Gascon, thus associating the name of Cyrano with the town of Bergerac in the Dordogne. It must be acknowledged that this adoptive emissary has largely contributed to the reputation of the city.


Bergerac, "Reflection of the Dordogne", takes full advantage of the charm of its river considered one of the most beautiful and clean in Europe.

The city has been implementing, for many years, actions to create and manage its urban landscape. After obtaining the four flowers, it is worth it to appear today in the very popular club of the cities having won the National Grand Prix of the flowering.


The southwest is certainly one of the regions of France where the kitchens are the most diversified. One of them, The cuisine of Périgord...owes its flavors to clever blending.

All the gastronomy of the Périgord is there: Farci du Périgord, Foie Gras, Truffle, ceps, duck breasts, chestnuts... and The wine of Bergerac, with its 13 Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée which accompanies all these dishes. (Bergerac, Pécharmant, Montravel, Monbazillac, Saussignac, Rosette...)


Wednesday and Saturday are the days of the traditional market around the Notre Dame church and in front of the covered market.

The city reserves a great listening to the associative life particularly strong and active, where the map of the exchange comes into play:
– Almost 500 associations are involved in all fields...
– Two cities are twinned with Bergerac – Repentigny in the south of Quebec, Faenza in the north of Italy.

Transport in Bergerac

  • The Bergerac train station located on the railway line linking Bordeaux to Sarlat is served by the TER Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
  •  L’Bergerac Airport-Dordogne-Périgord is currently connected to several cities in the United Kingdom, Paris, Rotterdam and Brussels-Charleroi mainly by low-cost airlines. All information on Bergerac airport here
  •  The Urban Transport Bergeracois (TUB) operate throughout the Bergerac Conurbation Community following scheduled routes and timetables. All the information on Bergerac's urban transport here

Find here you will find a lot of additional information about Bergerac


Halloween Bergerac Quai Cyrano 2023

Halloween Bergerac Quai Cyrano 2023

Halloween comes to Quai Cyrano with a crazy day on Saturday, October 28: face-painting workshops, storytelling for the little ones, fun tours, creative workshops and more. Plus a scavenger hunt and an exhibition of spooky drawings during the vacations!

Discover a flagship day on Saturday, October 28, with a series of events designed for the whole family.

And for the entire vacation period (October 21 to November 4), take part in the Quai Cyrano treasure hunt (tourist office, Maison des Vins and Cloître des Récollets).

2 courses are offered: a children's level & an adult level; at the end of the course, a competition to win :

10 wine discovery workshops
10 fun "Treasure Hunt" tours for children (6 - 10 years)



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Purple Perigord

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