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Restaurant le Meysset

Refined cuisine in a bucolic setting

Welcome to the Restaurant le Meysset

Strongly inspired by his native region, the chef brings all his know-how and its knowledge of local products in his kitchen.
It focuses on the flavoursThe textures and perfumes as well as on the care of the presentation.

His signature?

A refined French cuisine in colourful plates.

Exotic mixtures and revisited specialities bring a touch of originality to his compositions.

Absolutely everything on the Meysset restaurant's plate is home-made. The products are feesand premises as much as possible.

An idyllic setting

The restaurant Le Meysset is nestled on the heights of Sarlat. Far from the crowd, the restaurant offers a soothing setting. Its large windows open onto the panoramic terrace. The room is air-conditioned.

In a wooded environment, the terrace benefits from a beautiful view on the valley. On the terrace, a relaxing area allows you to sip a drink. In the shade of the pergola, you can enjoy a convivial moment during a lunch, a dinner or an event.

The events

We organize special evenings on the occasion of New Year's Eve, the feast of the Truffle, the Valentine's Day, the mother's feast.


The Spring & Summer 2023 card of Meysset

Starter & main course : 37 euros

Main course & dessert : 34 euros

Starter, main course & dessert : 47 euros


Half-cooked duck foie gras with Muscat de Rivesaltes, "Pomme d'amour" jelly, Manzana granita, Curry and flax seed roll

Fresh Crab with Miso, Radish and Nori Leaf, Avocado Mousse with Lime, Tangy Caviar

Heart of Sucrine seasoned with a revisited Caesar sauce, poached egg with turmeric, dried duck breast with five berries, cherry tomatoes marinated with Thai basil, Parmesan crumble


Roasted cod fillet, eggplant caviar with anchovies and mascarpone, saffron tapioca, pistou, turmeric and savory emulsion

Pan-fried beef fillet, corn escoton with Saté, Tarragon pea mousseline, Yuzu juice

Roasted pork chop, seasonal vegetables with fresh herbs, hazelnut butter juice


Tartlet around a black forest : Chocolate mousse from Tanzania, Morello cherry compote, Chantilly with Amarena syrup

The Ruby Chocolate Hull of Meysset : Around the Blueberry Blueberry-Mint jelly, Madeleine cookie, Zephyr- Tonka Bean ganache, Arranged Rum

Baba infused with citrus fruits, caramelized pineapple with pink berries, Mango and old rum creamy

Cheese plate with salad bouquet

"The Perigordian Menu

Starter + Main course + Dessert : 35 euros


Sturgeon Gravlax with Beetroot, Raspberry Condiment and Sweet Spices, Meringue


Semi-cooked Duck Foie Gras, broken sugar-coated almonds, Acidulated Strawberries with Sarawak Pepper, Balsamic Vinegar Reduction, home-made brioche


Roasted Duck Tenderloins, Mashed Potatoes with Fresh Cheese, Tarragon and Red Peppers, Red Fruit Sauce


Trout steak, sweet potato mousseline with nuts, honey and vanilla, Amaretto sauce


Strawberry Chiboust with Thyme-Lemon and Olive Oil, Palet Breton


Meysset walnut cake, Kiwi compote Ganache à la Gatinoise

The tasting menu
5 services : 68 euros

Mise en bouche

Sturgeon Gravlax with Beetroot, Caviar "l'Authentique" from "Perle Noire" in Eyzies-de-Tayac


Lobster tail and claw in honey vinaigrette, Tartar of flesh and beans with lime, head juice with Brive mustard, Oregano crackers


Roasted Veal Mignon with Sichuan Pepper, Celery-Mint Palet and truffle juice


Three milks and black sesame ice cream, apricot and black pepper chutney Madras curry, dried fruit mendiant


The Dulcey: a buckwheat cookie, a Gianduja and passion fruit insert, caramelized hazelnuts and Valrhona Dulcey blond chocolate ganache

The hotel:

Also discover The Hotel Le Meysset which offers 30 rooms and suites clear, comfortable and quiet, with high-end services, terrace or small private garden on the ground floor, a breathtaking view of the 2 valleys on the floors, will allow you to enjoy your stay pleasantly.

Tariff details

Menu of the day (every lunchtime except Sundays and public holidays) :

Starter + flat or flat + Dessert: 20 euros

Starter + Main course + Dessert : 24 euros

Perigord menu 35 euros, 3 courses

Tasting menu 68 euros, 5 courses

Card :

Starter + main course : 37 euros

Starter + main course + dessert : 47 euros

Dish + dessert : 34 euros

Dates and Times

The restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner. Weekly closing on Monday in winter period (November > March)

Reservations recommended on or

New Year's Eve special

New Year's Eve Menu 2022

New Year's Eve Menu 2022

Like every year, the restaurant Le Meysset puts the small dishes in the big and proposes you its menu of New Year's Eve. See you at the restaurant on Saturday, December 31 at 8:30 pm for the last gastronomic meeting of the year!

This menu is proposed at 110 euros, or at 145 euros with the food and wine pairing.

It will be animated by a singer (non-dancing dinner).

By reservation only.


Champagne, Blueberry and Get 27 cocktail, iced cloud & its appetizers
* * *
Oyster and red cabbage,
Champagne sauce
* * *
Poached foie gras with spiced wine,
Smoked Duck Breast, Raspberry flavor
* * *
Scallops and Golden Rillons,
Ginger squash, satay and black garlic crumble
* * *
Soho frozen soufflé,
Rum with Litchi, Roasted Coconut
* * *
Supreme of poultry of Périgord,
fine crayfish stuffing, "Coq au vin" sauce
* * *
Velvet Cheddar with Truffle,
Worcestershire crackers
* * *
Candied ginger, honey white chocolate ganache,
Pollen and milk crunch
* * *
Sweetness with Coconut,
Mango and Passion Fruit
* * *



Adresse :

62 route d'argentouleau, 24200 SARLAT


Black Périgord
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