St Mayme of Pereyrol St Mayme of Pereyrol St Mayme of Pereyrol St Mayme of Pereyrol St Mayme of Pereyrol St Mayme of Pereyrol

St Mayme of Pereyrol

Pumpkin Fair

Welcome to Saint Mayme of Pereyrol

Saint Mayme of Pereyrol is a small commune located in Périgord Blanc near the village of Vergt

The origins:

Everything suggests that the current name of the village "Pereyrol" comes from "Pereyrou" which means Rolling Stone Due to the presence of a very stony soil, and "Mayme" comes from Maxim who was the patron saint of the commune before the revolution. Maxim's "X" was poorly transcribed... Then turned into "Y"... Maxim's "I" becoming useless to him disappeared...

Native Village ofDavid Gadaud (1841-1897), Army physician, General councillor, mayor of Périgueux, Senator and Minister of Agriculture.

It was also the stronghold of Pierre Grellety, chief of the crisps of Périgord between 1638 and 1641 (commemorative plaque on the corner of the town hall affixed on 14 May 1967).

It is in the hamlet of Martres that a barbarian cemetery was discovered in 1967 where Merovingian tombs (5th - 8th century) are buried. Nearby we find a ford tower dating from 1800.

Church of Saint Maxime

The Church of Saint Maxime, a Romanesque-style building dating from the IXème century. Destroyed in part in the tenth century during the barbaric clashes, was rebuilt, in particular its 17-metre steeple, during the 11th century. Inside besides its carved wooden altarpiece dating from Louis, there is a large painting called "Admiration of the Shepherds", given by the Emperor Napoleon.
Seven Calvarys around Bourg testify to a busy historical past.
The fortified steeple of the Church of Saint Maxime, in Saint Mayme de Pereyrol, offers all the characteristics of the "steeple-wall" with a defensive vocation.

This church testifies to the turbulent history of the region, from the Hundred Years War to the wars of religion, through the medieval wars between rival lords...

It is in the Middle Ages that churches evolve into real strongholds where people can find refuge in the event of enemy attacks.

It is in this context that the parishioners of the Romanesque church of Saint Mayme of Pereyrol endow the building with a rectangular high steeple. This one is devoid of deadly and only bays are pierced at the top of the wall for the location of the bells.

The Pumpkin Fair

The pumpkin fair of St Mayme de Pereyrol takes place every year on the second Sunday of October. In a village of 290 inhabitants, this traditional fair gathers more than 6 000 visitors every year.

It is a day under the sign of crafts with demonstrations, animations for the young audience, the folklore group will invite you to dance, and you can take a break under the marquee to restore you.
Surprise animations. Market-Gardening Exhibitors happy to offer you their seasonal vegetables. The Baker (O'bio Pain) will revive the village's Wood kiln, the fruit juice pressed on the spot, animal exhibition, painting exhibition within the church.

On-site catering. Free. Join us for a day out of family time. Discover the riches of Périgord Blanc.

City Hall Info

Secretariat open on Tuesday and Friday.
Address Town Hall : 20 route des Mérovingiens
24380 Saint Mayme de Péreyrol.
Tel : 05 53 54 76 33



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