Mille et un châteaux en Dordogne ?

More than a thousand castles of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance, mansions and strong houses

Why is Périgord called the Land of miles and castles?

There are not really 1,000 and 1 châteaux in the Dordogne, the formula has an advertising ring to it, but the fact is very real: while it is estimated that there are just over 10,000 châteaux built in France, the Dordogne has about 11% of them, making it the richest French department in terms of châteaux.

A thousand and one castles in the Dordogne ?

Why is this country literally covered with castle?

The Hundred Years' War, which lasted for more than a century (1337 - 1453), opposed the French to the English and began with a battle at Bergerac and ended at Castillon la Bataille. In short, it was in the Dordogne (the Périgord of the time) that most of the quarrels between the English and the French were to be fought, and the two kings fought their wars there, granting privileges and the right to build to all the lords who agreed to lend their allegiance. Where, elsewhere, kings are vigilant when it comes to authorizing fortifications that could turn against them, they accept many of them here.

In addition, parallel lines of castles facing each other on either side of the valleys or river banks can be observed very clearly, such as the Chateau de Castelnaud long occupied by the English, who are facing the Beynac Castle which served as a stronghold for the French.
The medieval castles were not then dismantled, serving as homes for the baronnies who gradually left them without destroying them to build more modern and comfortable Renaissance-style residences.

Chateau de Castelnaud

Château de Beynac

Today many castles are open to visit. Discover the castles that visit our section: The castles of the Dordogne Périgord.

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