Chateau de Castelnaud Chateau de Castelnaud Chateau de Castelnaud Chateau de Castelnaud Chateau de Castelnaud

Chateau de Castelnaud

Medieval castle, Museum of War in the Middle Ages in the Dordogne

Chateau de Castelnaud La Chapelle, War Museum in the Middle Ages

The Château de Castelnaud Dominates the valley of the Dordogne, it faces the castle of Beynac located on the other side of the river

Built on a rocky spur it offers a magnificent panorama over the valley of the Dordogne.

The history of the Château de Castelnaud:

Founded in the 12th century, it is the possession of the Lord Cathare Bernard de Casnac, in 1214 during the crusade of the Albigeois, it is taken by Simon de Monfort and enlarged from a dungeon and a court.

During the Hundred Years War, he regularly spent in the English camp until 1442 when he was returned to their owners the Caumonts. From then on it is equipped with modern defensive equipment gunboats and artillery towers.

The castle entrusted to Captain Geoffroy de vans, a native of Castelnaud will be spared attacks during the wars of religion.

During the 15th century, like many of the castles of Périgord, the transformations will be to the improvement of the comfort of these inhabitants, however, it will nevertheless be increasingly seldom occupied, the Caumont having moved into their new Chateau aux Milandes.

It was at the French Revolution that the castle was totally abandoned and was not going to stop deteriorating until 1968 when it was classified as a historical monument and undertook important safeguarding and restoration work.

Tours of Castelnaud Castle

You will meet during your visit of the life-size reenactments of medieval war machines (Mangonel, trebuchet, Pierrière, tinkering) as well as a large collection of weapons and armours: The Château de Castelnaud has been home since 1985 the War Museum in the Middle Ages.

Free Tours:

The free tour is littered with a rich signage, interactive terminals and models. The evolution of the fortification and the siege techniques is also evoked by a slideshow, films and video games.

You will discover the life of the Lords of Castelnaud with the medieval-inspired garden and the furnished dungeon.

Guided tours:

In the summer, guided tours on the theme of the war in the Middle Ages are programmed in French, English and Dutch.


  • Spring Break
    Sword fighting Lesson (for the 5-14 years): From April 2 to May 1 (except Saturday and Sunday morning)

"Face to face with a crossbowman of the Hundred Years War": from April 2 to May 1 (except Saturday and Sunday morning).

Forge Demonstration: From April 3rd to May 1st (except Sunday)

  • May-June
    "Face to face with a crossbowman of the Hundred Years ' War": from 6 to 8 and from 25 to 28 May and from 3 to 5 June.
  • Summer Vacation
    Gun Handling Show: 10 Jul. To 27 August (except Saturdays)

Forge Demonstration: from 10 Jul. On the first seven. (except on August 5, Saturday afternoon and Sunday).

Presentation of the equipment of a crossbowman of the Hundred Years War: 9 Jul. To 27 August (only on Sundays)

Night show "lead the investigation!": from 17 Jul. To 24 August (only from Monday to Thursday on reservation)

Demonstration of fire at Trebuchet: 1 Jul. At 1 sept (except Sunday)

  • Halloween Holidays
    "A garrison in Castelnaud": October 28th and 29th

Armour and dress fitting of the squire (for the 3-12 years): from 22 Oct. to 3 Nov. (except 28 and 29 Oct.)

"Face to face with a crossbowman of the Hundred Years ' War": Oct. 22. to 3 Nov. (except Saturdays)

Forge Demonstration: Oct. 23. to 3 Nov. (except Sunday)

  • Christmas holidays
    Flavors and Medieval Cuisine: from 26 to 30 Dec.

Price details

Adult: €9.80
Reduced price before 1 pm in July and August: €8.80

Child (10-17 years): €4.90
Reduced price before 1 pm in July and August: €4.40

Child under 10 years of age: free

Show Price-inquiry:
Adult: €14.50
Child (5-17 years): €9

Combined ticket Château/spectacle-inquiry:
Adult: €20
Child (10-17 years): €11
Child (5-9 years): €9

Ticket paired with the gardens of Marqueyssac:
(Valid for 1 year, except for candlelight evenings and the show-inquiry)
Adult: €17.20
Child (10-17 years): €8.60

Subscription card "Friends of Castelnaud": €19
(Unlimited access for 1 year)

Dates and times

Open every day, all year round.
February, March and Oct. to 12 Nov. : 10 am-6 pm-April, May, June and Sept. : 10 am to 7 pm
July, August: 9 am to 8 pm (show-Survey at 15 and at 10 pm every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings)
of 13 Nov. At the end of January: 2 pm to 5 pm
Christmas holidays: 10 am-5 pm
Last admission 1 hour before closing
Duration of the free visit 1 h to 1.5 H.

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Chateau de Castelnaud, 24250 Castelnaud-la-Chapelle


Périgord Noir

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