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The Baroque theatre in celebration.

Compagnie Oghma: Baroque theatre Festival in Périgord noir

The last week of July is the festival of Baroque Theatre in Périgord noir: The Oghmac

Exceptional places, lit by candlelight thanks to performances such as in the time of Molière: costumes, candles, give life to places sometimes unknown to invite to their discovery in a more intimate way than during a tourist visit.

Castles, chapels, remarkable gardens, vestiges of the rich heritage of the region, give you an appointment!

The 2019 program:

Monday 22 July | 21H | Chartreuse du Colombier, Paunat. Bérénice, by Jean Racine.
First public representation of the most sober and purified tragedy of Jean Racine, in a condensed version to make it more accessible to the modern spectator. Keeping only the three main characters, our version in 1h15, loses nothing of the disturbing intrigue of the separation of an emperor and a Queen who love each other more than anything but who are obliged to leave. Centered on the individual in the face of power, tragedy is upsetting and touching just by the simplicity of his language and the intensity of the emotions that are developed there. Sumptuous silk costumes inspired by 17th-century engravings will dress the actors who evolve in the delicate gardens of the Chartreuse du Colombier lit by candlelight. *.

* exceptionally the tickets will be increased by €5 to include the visit of the gardens. A gourmet plate will also be offered for €5.

— Tuesday, July 23rd | 15h | Festival Hall, Auriac-du-Périgord: Introduction to the Baroque Theatre.
Young and old are invited to become comedians by experimenting with this ancestral and traditional theatrical form and will be guided step by step by the actors of the Oghma company in a series of playful exercises. This year, the workshop will focus on the differences between tragedy and comedy by working on a 17th-century translation of Virgil's Enéide, as well as the parody that Paul Scarron made in 1648. From 6 years. Reservation required. No prior theatrical experience required.

— Wednesday 24 July | 21H | Church, Ajat: Wræclastas or the paths of exile. Texts extracted from the Exeter manuscript — music by Maël Bailly.

To recall the English history of Périgord, we will make you travel more than ever in time thanks to the singers of the bottom of the corridor, a young ensemble whose average age does not reach 25 years. 8 singers and musicians take you into the melancholy of two English poems of the ninth century, in the original text and in a new French translation, augmented by a score specially composed for the occasion given in world creation. Music inspired by medieval and Celtic music that leads into worlds where nature was at the center of everything.

— Thursday, July 25th | 15h | Mairie | Auriac-du-Périgord: Chat: Baroque Theatre: traditions and modernity. (free entry).
Extension of the cross-study day between Japanese and French theatrical traditions, our talk invites the dialogue between researchers (Julia de GASQUET, David Suzanne), actors of the Oghma company and spectators, to evoke what makes the great modernity of Baroque Theatre today, a form that draws its strength from secular traditions.

The chat will be followed by a (free) visit of the village of Auriac by the friends of Auriac, just before the oldest peasant market of the black Périgord.

— Friday 26 July | 21H | Abbatiale, Saint-Amand-de-Coly: The Virgil (transvestite) de Paul Scarron .

Virgil's Enéide, in the seventeenth century, was serious. Paul Scarron, on the other hand, was quite a zigoto, who did not take very much seriously. When the two meet, it gives a stripper parody of one of the greatest texts of antiquity. Relive the tragic story of Dido and Enée as you did not suspect, accompanied by the viola da gamba by the musical moods of Tobias Hume, another sacred character.  The millennial Abbey of Saint-Amand becomes the walls of Carthage and our show will make a comic echo to the loves of Titus and Bérénice.

— Saturday, July 27th | 21H | Church, Auriac-du-Périgord: The century of Louis the great de Charles Perrault .

The poem that launched the war: in 1687, in front of the French Academy, Charles Perrault dares to declare that his time, that of the great Louis XIV, is worth as much, if not more than the golden age of antiquity! A little known text of the great storyteller, who sends murderous spikes, without forgetting his stripper humor.

— Sunday, July 28th | 15h | 16h | Holiday room, Rouffignac-Saint-Cernin: workshop: Baroque makeup.

Come and imagine the characteristics of a Baroque Theatre character, and we will make you makeup according to the codes of the time explaining them. And if you get into one of our costumes, you're photographed on foot to keep a beautiful memory! Due to the limited availability, two sessions are scheduled at 3pm and 4pm. Reservation required.

— Monday 29 July | 21H | Castle, countryside: Cinderella and other tales de Charles Perrault .

Four tales of Charles Perrault, whom we all know (or almost), who come to life thanks to three comedians who interpret 14 characters! A show for small (from 6 years old) and great, which revives all the fairy tales that have gone through time. Created for the 2017 Edition of the Festival, the show that draws its inspiration from several tradtional theatrical forms has been played more than 30 times throughout France (including the gardens of Versailles) and has received four nominations to the P'breasts Molières. The Château de campagne and its wonderful estate will become an enchanted Palace illuminated by candlelight, to travel in time and in imaginary worlds, full of humour and poetry.


Price details


  • 10€
  • €8 (-26 years, students, unemployed, + 60 years, inhabitants of the commune of the spectacle)
  • 6€ (Child under 10 years of age)
  • To promote collective displacement, we propose the rate directly lower than each member of a group of spectators who moved in carpool.

Dates and Times

The last week of July, 8 days of theatre!

5 Shows, always at 21H.
3 Moments, workshops, meetings, always at 15H.

Annual and detailed programs on the website.

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Black Périgord
Beaupuy, 24290 Auriac-du-Périgord
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