Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art

Lascaux 4 International Center of Cave Art

Lascaux International Centre for Cave Art ( lascaux 4 )

Lascaux IV - International Center of Cave Art and replica of the Lascaux cave

The facsimile of the Lascaux cave

Lascaux 4 hosts the replica of the famous Lascaux Cave which bears the name of the hill under which it is located. It was created to allow the public to discover the cave paintings and engravings of the original cave, which has been closed to the public since 1963 because of the negative impact of visits on the preservation of cave art. The replica also allows access to parts inaccessible in the original cave

The Lascaux cave is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, with more than 600 paintings and engravings dating back to prehistoric times. It was discovered by chance by teenagers in 1940 and quickly became famous for its exceptional paintings and engravings, which mainly depict animals, such as bison, horses, deer and aurochs, but there are also hunting scenes and religious rituals.

The Lascaux paintings are also notable for their artistic skill and attention to detail. The prehistoric artists who created these paintings used a vivid color palette and were able to create effects of perspective and movement that are impressive considering their age.

The replica of the cave was created with the aim of respecting the authenticity of the original cave.

A place in perfect harmony with the landscape:

Lascaux IV is 9,000 m² of buildings that blend into the landscape, stretched out like a scratch on the façade, almost invisible from the sky with the green roof.

Inside is hiding A new facsimile of the prehistoric cave, the atmosphere is that of a real cave. It's wet and dark, the sounds are muffled.

Lascaux International Center is more complete than Lascaux II Because the cave is reconstituted in its almost entirety. She also has an interpretation room to decipher her works, a 3d cinema, a "theatre" and a temporary exhibition...

Presentation of the building:

The space of Lascaux IV is divided into 6 zones:
– The reception: preparation for the visit of the reproduction via a scenography.
– Facsimile: Reproduction in real size.
– The Workshop: model, 8 large facsimile pieces, image wall.
– The Theatre of parietal art: 3 interconnected rooms reverting to the work of the Prehistorians, archaeologists and researchers from the end of the 19th century to the present.
– 3d Cinema: Immersion in 3d in different forms.
- The Gallery of the Imaginary: virtual art gallery that links rock art and 20th century art

You will progress throughout the visit through the ages, in 1940 when 4 young boys discovered the entrance to the cave of Lascaux until the end of the Ice age 21000 years ago.

A breathtaking visit to a place or technology, history and preservation of the environment have been able to mingle with perfection.

Don't hesitate to come back to this center to discover the temporary exhibitions and learn more about the cave art of our ancestors.

Discover or rediscover this treasure of humanity that our ancestors bequeathed to us: The Sistine Chapel of Prehistory. A very soon.



Tariff details

Entrance fees for Lascaux International Center of Cave Art 2023 :
Adult (13 years and over): 22€ purchase on site / 21€ purchase online
Children (from 5 to 12 years old): 14.50€ purchase on site / 13.50€ purchase online
Free for children under the age of five
Reduced rate for students, job seekers and people with reduced mobility.
Privilege card: €55.00

Dates and Times

Opening hours of Lascaux International Center of Cave Art 2023 :

From January 23rd to April 7th : 10am to 5pm

From April 08 to July 09: 9am to 7pm

From July 10 to August 27: 8am to 10pm

From August 28 to November 05 : 10am to 7pm

From November 06 to December 31: 10am to 5pm



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