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Emmett technique on fascias and Shiatsu

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« He who works with his hands is a workman. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist. " - Saint Francis of Assisi




What is EMMETT therapy?

The EMMETT Technique is an Australian technique of soft and natural care, original and unpublished in France. It is an "art of healing with the hands" like osteopathy, foot reflexology, Shiatsu or the Bowen technique.

Using his knowledge, Ross EMMETT combined his observations and experiences with animals and developed this remarkable method of pain and discomfort relief.

This technique, still little known in France, is internationally recognized and taught worldwide.


How does the EMMETT Technique work?

"The greatest strength comes from the slightest touch. »

The EMMETT Technique uses the skin as a highly sensitive touch screen: a light touch on specific points is all it takes to activate it. Through the surrounding connective tissue called fascia, impulses are given directly to muscles and tendons. The nervous system sends the stimulation from the connective tissue to the brain. The brain, in turn, sends corrective information to the entire body.

Blockages can thus be dissolved, so that the body regains its equilibrium in no time at all. The result is often felt immediately with a positive physical change.


What is an EMMETT Technique session like?

An EMMETT Therapy session can be performed while sitting, standing or lying down, depending on the location of the pain, directly on the skin or through light clothing.

It usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, sometimes longer.

It's a very effective self-contained therapy. It can nevertheless be successfully integrated with many other therapies: massage, chiropractic, occupational therapy, osteopathy, kinesiology, reflexology...


For who?

This gentle and holistic method has amazing and rapid results on all systems: connective tissue, musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, immune, endocrine, metabolic, etc...

It reduces or even eliminates pain but also physical and emotional discomfort in a quick and lasting way.

It aims to stimulate the body's self-healing mechanisms through the use of small contacts via the connective tissue or fascia, muscles, tendons and nerves.

It is intended for infants and seniors as well as for our animal friends.

It obtains very good results on people looking for relaxation, as well as on muscular, articular pains...

Beneficial to all, it can also be practiced as a preventive measure, since it seems to significantly improve athletes' performance by making them more efficient.


The psoas, muscle of the soul

The psoas muscle is at the heart of the EMMETT approach.

An unbalanced psoas can lead to changes in posture, pain and physiological symptoms.

The change of posture can result in pelvic imbalance, shoulder imbalance, and temporomandibular joint problems.

The pains can be located in the lower back, pelvic area, groin, quadriceps, leg, but also in the heels (burning feet) or testicles.

The physiological symptoms They can lead to breathing restrictions, abdominal bloating, bowel problems, menstrual problems and even reproductive problems.

« The psoas literally embodies our deep desire for survival, and more profoundly, our basic desire to flourish. " - Liz Koch


What can it relieve?

The EMMETT technique can relieve many symptoms, including the following, depending on their location in the body.


The head and the face

- Headaches and Migraines

- Foggy feeling in the head

- Head tilted forward, backward or sideways

- Facial pain and tension

- Jaw pain and tension

- Sinus congestion

- Pain in the eyes

- Vision and Hearing Aids

- Canker sores

- Facial hemiplegia

- Bad breath

- Difficulty opening the mouth

- Tinnitus

- Speech difficulties

- Difficulty swallowing


The neck

- Restricted neck rotation

- Pain and tension in the neck and neck area

- Torticollis

- Whiplash

- Throat congestion



- Sore shoulders

- Tensions and restrictions in the shoulders


The back

- Pain and/or cramps in the back

- Lower back pain

- Pain and tension between the shoulder blades

- Forward body posture


The arms

- Pain and restrictions on the side or back of the arm

- Pain and restrictions in fingers or numb fingers

- Pain in the back of the hand

- Difficulty lifting the arm (sideways, forward or backward)

- Pain or cramps in the biceps

- Elbow or wrist pain

- Lack of strength in the wrist

- Carpal tunnel problem

- Tendinitis


The chest

- Difficulty breathing, shortness of breath

- Crisis ofangoisse

- Chest pain

- Congestion of the rib cage

The belly

- Stomach aches

- Abdominal bloating

- Digestion problems

- Constipation

- Nausea

- Flatulences

- Abdominal Tension

Pelvic Region - Buttocks

- Pelvic pain

- Cramps in the gluteal muscles

- Sciatica

- Hip, groin or pelvic pain

- Pubic pain

- Testicular or ovarian pain

- Premenstrual pain

- Bladder problems (incontinence, frequent urination, enuresis)

- Prostate problems

- Erection problem

- Hip pain


- Difficulty turning the leg to the side

- Difficulty crossing legs when sitting down

- Difficulty squatting

- Difficulty climbing stairs

- Difficulty bending over

- Hamstring pain

- Quadriceps pain

- Numbness on the side of the leg



- Knee pain: on the side, front or back


The calves - The shins

- Tension in the calves

- Calf pain and cramps

- Achilles tendon pain

- Shin pain

- Varicose veins

- Water retention

- Impatiences

- Leg ulcers


Feet - Ankles

- Foot pain

- Hallux valgus pain

- Hot feet

- Feet facing outward or inward

- Compressed or seized toes

- Pain in the heel

- Foot cramps

- Achilles tendon problem

- Ankle flexion restriction

- Tendency to twist an ankle

- Swollen ankles

- Sprain


Then again...

- General relaxation of the body

- Loss of balance

- Mobility aid for the elderly

- Transportation (car, plane or boat)

- Lack of anchoring

- Stress, angoisse, anxiety

- Traffic problem

- Weakened immune system

- Lack of energy, lethargy

- Cancer Care

- Post-viral or bacterial infection

- Hemiplegia

- Following post-abdominal surgery

- Lack of concentration

- Perspiration

- Difficult pregnancy or childbirth

- Reproductive problems, impotence or infertility


EMM -Tech, Easy Muscle Management Technique

Initiation and discovery course: First muscular relaxation treatment

- The EMM-Tech is a 2-day introductory course on the Emmett technique.

- It can be considered a "muscular first aid course".

- It is intended for the general public for oneself, family and friends.

- No medical or therapeutic knowledge is required.


The EMMETT technique is a gentle and simple body therapy, originally from Australia and developed by Ross Emmett.

It is an internationally recognized technique that is used and taught in more than 40 countries around the world.

This muscle relaxation technique relieves pain and improves movement restrictions. A light touch on specific points creates changes in selected muscle groups by reactivating muscle memory.

Results are generally IMMEDIATE.

It can be practiced standing, sitting or lying down.

It can be combined with any other therapy, manual or not.


The EMM Tech initiation is a discovery course of the Emmett technique combining theory and practice.

A set of 11 points will be taught to improve muscle pain and tension throughout the body (from head to toe, through the neck, arms, abdomen, legs and ankles) and promote breathing.

A booklet explaining the Emmett technique and detailing these 11 points will be given during the training as well as a certificate of participation in the course.


Place of training

In the heart of the Vallée de l'Homme, in the Black Perigord, Boris and Paméla welcome us to their haven of nature and peace in the

Gite Le Bourgeon


Sharp Earth

24290 Saint Léon sur Vézère


Tariff and reservation

The cost of the EMM Tech initiation is 214 € for the two days of training, lunch included (vegetarian, organic and local).

Teas, coffees and cakes will be offered during the breaks.


The reservation will be made at the reception

- a deposit cheque of 80 €, cashed one week before the course,

- a cheque for the balance of 134 €, cashed the week following the course,

- of the completed registration form.


Registration is done by post at the following address:

Claire RIBAS

816 route de Versailles

24220 Meyrals


For any further information, you can contact me

- by phone at 06 48 73 23 21

- or by mail at the following address:


For the internship, think about

- Dress in light and comfortable clothing

- Take a notepad and a pen

- Keep your nails short

- A bottle of water


Registration form

EMM -Tech - Initiation and discovery course


Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April 2021

From 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., reception from 9:00 a.m.

Gite Le Bourgeon, TERRE DE JOR

La Terre Pointue, 24290 Saint-Léon Sur Vézère


Price: 214 €, lunch included

Tutor: Claire RIBAS


Last name: ____________________________ First name: ______________________

Address : ____________________________________________________________

Postal code: _____________________ City: __________________________

Tel: ______________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________


˜ I agree to have my contact information shared with other EMMETT students.

˜ I take full responsibility for myself and my actions during and outside of this internship.

˜ I declare that I am in good physical and mental health.

˜ I agree that, for practice, the movements are done directly on the skin and I accept that the tutor and the students can touch me.


I've read the terms and conditions, and I agree.

Date: __________________ Signature: __________________________


Payment by cheque to be sent to the following address:

Claire RIBAS

816 route de Versailles

24220 Meyrals


Tariff details

Emmett Technique session on the fascias of one hour: 50 €.

Shiatsu and/or Emmett Technique on the fascias of one hour and a half : 60 €.

Dates and Times

Tuesday to Saturday

From 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.



816 route de Versailles, 24220 Meyrals


Black Périgord

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