Escape Game Château de Paulhiac

The missing Château de Paulhiac

Welcome to Les disparus du Château de Paulhiac Escape Game

Be careful...Paulhiac Castle may have a few surprises in store for you
With your friends or family, come and take part in the Escape Game: Les Disparus du Château de Paulhiac!
Can you escape in time?

Game rules :

You'll be locked in one of the castle's rooms with the people you've chosen for this adventure.
You'll have 60 minutes to escape, or who knows what will happen to you...
This all-ages activity can be enjoyed with family or friends.

You'll need observation, deduction and logic. There's no physical activity (just a few old steps to climb).

The script:

Château de Paulhiac has been derelict since the French Revolution, when its last owner disappeared under strange circumstances...

We recently found his will, which states that he has made you his heirs and invites you to take over his estate. But there's one condition...survive your first visit...

Can you rise to the Challenge?


Pricing details

  • 2 people: €60
  • 3 people: €75
  • 4 people: €100
  • 5 people: €100
  • 6 people: €120

free for children under 6
10 discount for under-8s


Dates and times

Open from July 1 to August 31.

Spoken languages



Château de Paulhiac, 24250 Daglan


Black Périgord

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