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Puymartin Castle

The castle of the White Lady

Welcome to the Château de Puymartin

History of the Castle of Puymartin

The construction of the castle of Puymartin began in the 13th century. In 1357, the castle became an English possession. The consuls of Sarlat bought the domain from the English and abandoned it.

Radulphe de Saint-Clar rebuilt the castle in 1450. In the sixteenth century, Raymond de Saint-Clar bought the castle and pushed the Protestants back. It is he who takes Sarlat to the Huguenots under the name of Captain of Puymartin

In the seventeenth century, Jean de Saint-Clar and his sister Suzanne fought for the castle's possession for 40 years. Suzanne finally becomes the owner. The castle was abandoned in the eighteenth century.

In the nineteenth century, the Marquis Marc de Campbell de Marzac, grandfather of the present owner, restored the castle in a Gothic style thanks to his wife's dowry.

The castle is listed under historic monuments by order of December 6, 1948. One of its 17th century rooms, panelled and painted, is classified as a historic monument on March 1, 19771.

After the death of the owner, Count Henri de Montbron, on 31 July 2002, his wife and children inherited it in 2003.

The legend of the White Lady

A legend says that a 16th-century squire, Thérèse de Saint-Clar, would have been surprised with her lover by the unexpected return of war from her husband. As punishment for her fault, she was condemned to remain captive for 15 years in a small room in the north tower. When she died, she was walled there.

One might see her wandering at night, in the form of a white lady, on the castle's way round, before entering this room.

Escape Game The mystery of the white lady

Dive into the adventure of the legend of the White Lady of Puymartin with this immersive game. Solve challenges with family or friends, find clues and confront the ancestors to free the soul of the White Lady. This escape game is available at different times of the year, such as in summer, on All Saints' Day or during the Heritage Days. For more information and reservations, please visit the event website.

The game

The tragic legend of the White Lady has left its mark on the history of Puymartin. Her cries continue to echo night after night and disturb the inhabitants of the castle. The Marquis invites you to unravel this mystery and find some peace. Explore this place full of history, face challenges, meet the ancestors and try to free the soul of the White Lady.

To solve this puzzle, you will need to demonstrate your skills, courage, logic and perseverance. Face Captain Puymartin with a sword, show your logic in the face of the challenges posed by the privateer Jean-Bart, and be brave in searching for clues in the darkest places. Riddles, duels, games of observation and deduction await you. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone must use their skills to get to the end of the adventure.

The experience lasts about 1H30


Tariff details

Visiting fees 2023


Adults : 10€
Students : 7€
Teenagers (13 to 18 years old): 7€.
Children (6 to 12 years old): 5€.
Groups (middle and high school students): 5€.
Groups (students) : 6€ (€)
Groups (adults) : 7.50€ (from 20 people)

Prices for the game the mystery of the white lady


Adults : 17€
Teenagers (13 to 18 years old): 14€.
Children (6 to 12 years old): 10€.

Game pass + adult visits : 24€
Game pass + teenage visits : 17€
Game pass + children's visits : 12€

Dates and Times

April, May, June and September:
Open every day from 10 am to 6 pm without interruption

July and August:

Open every day from 10 am to 6:30 pm without interruption

October - November:
Open every day from 10 am to 5:30 pm without interruption


During the Christmas vacations

Spoken languages

Puymartin's strange Halloween 2023

Puymartin's strange Halloween 2023

Puymartin's strange Halloween

Château de Puymartin invites you to celebrate Halloween in its new immersive game. An original scenario created especially for the occasion offers enigmas and challenges to free the Marquis' daughter from a strange curse. Game and atmosphere for all ages.
An immersive game to thrill all ages...

Wander its dark and mysterious corridors to meet the fantastic creatures of a famous director...
An evening in the world of Tim Burton...

Fans are in for a real treat: these strange and wacky creatures invite themselves into the castle for an evening, and will give you a real thrill. Don't shy away from "The Queen of Hearts", "Beetlejuice" or the "Headless Horseman", as you'll have to face them to complete your quest.

From October 28 to 31, 2023, starting at 5pm.
On-site catering: "le p'tit Canari" food truck.


Adults over 18: €17
Teenagers aged 13 - 17: €14
Children aged 6 - 12: €10
Children under 5: free

Reservations only via our website: https://evenements-de-puymartin.com



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