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Castle of Monbazillac

A must for wine tourism in the Dordogne!

Welcome to Château de Monbazillac

Enter a world of arts and aromas

Overlooking the Dordogne valley, 10 minutes from Bergerac, the Castle of Monbazillac invites you to discover its new tour. It covers both the precious wines of Monbazillac and the history of the château in its Périgord context.

The 16th-century château, listed as a historic monument, combines the past with modernity in its tours, thanks to new technologies. The tour is dynamic, collaborative, immersive and fun, thanks to videos, audios, light shows, puzzles, mapping and animations.
Stroll through the exhibits, taste the wines of Monbazillac and be surprised, amazed and seduced! An unforgettable journey awaits you.

The château offers a free, immersive tour that takes visitors from the Wars of Religion to the Revolution, following in the footsteps of the Bacalan family.

A first exhibition

" Monbazillac at the heart of the Protestant revolts".
This first exhibition retraces part of the history of Bergerac, a Protestant stronghold past and present, and highlights the links between Monbazillac wines and the area's Protestant past.

A second exhibition

"The Bacalan revolution
In this second exhibition, five fully interactive rooms plunge visitors into what life may have been like for the Bacalan family at the Château, through an experiential journey. On August 28, 1791, shortly after the King's arrest and in the midst of the Revolution, the Bacalan family returned to the Monbazillac estate. François-Hilaire de Bacalan and Marthe Valleton de Boissière met for lunch with their children. This original reconstruction of life at the château in the late 18th century allows visitors to explore the intimacy of a family.


Leaving the Château, the park is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll.

Between a sea of vines and an exceptional panorama of the Bergerac valley, the park offers a calm and peaceful environment that invites contemplation. It's time to live in the present, to slow down, to stop for a bite to eat under the foliage of the restaurant's terrace, to dream on the deckchairs provided, to allow photography enthusiasts to indulge their art in front of a dazzling panorama.

The Bergerac vineyards and their groves unfold like an impressionist work of art in a valley where a river that was once the invaluable route for the wine trade lies dormant.

The château is not only a tourist attraction, but also an invitation to discover the art of living and the art of being in Périgord.

To complete this experience, let your senses do the talking with a commented tasting of 3 wines: the color of the robe, the subtle aromas, the fruity, floral or woody notes will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Bon voyage to the heart of a world of arts and aromas!

Pricing details

  • Monbazill'Art ticketself-guided tour and wine tasting

11€: adults; 6,50€: 6 to 17 years old; 8€: reduced rate

  • Monba'licieux ticket: open house and guided tasting of 3 wines

16.50€: adults; 6.50€: 6 to 17 years old; 13€: concessions

Dates and times

  • March: weekends from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • April, May, October to Nov. 12: 7/7 from 10am to 6pm
  • June and September: 7/7 from 10am to 7pm
  • July and August: 7/7 from 10am to 8pm
  • December: school vacation afternoons from 2 to 6 p.m.




4 route du Château 24240 Monbazillac


Purple Périgord

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