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Castle of Commarque

In the heart of 15000 years of history in the Dordogne

Welcome to the Château de Commarque

The Château de Commarque: a medieval Castrum

Overlooking the Beune Valley, The Castle of Combrand was built in order to protect the Benedictine abbey of Sarlat at the end of the 12th century. At first it is a simple wooden tower perched on top of the cliff. Gradually the place extends, with the building of House Tower and a chapel. From the 14th century onwards, as the Beynac family became mistress of the place, the wooden dungeon was replaced by a stone dungeon, several times enhanced and occupied by the Lords of Beynac.

Thereafter, several towers, each accompanied by a dwelling, are built and occupied by lines of small nobility such as the Commarque, the Cendrieux or the Gondrix.

In turn taken by the English during the Hundred Years War, then caught in the tumult of the Wars of religion, the site is gradually abandoned after the death of his last squire Guy de Beynac in 1656 to be completely deserted in the 18th century. Little by Little, the castle falls into ruins.

In 1972, the Château de Commarque was bought by Hubert de Commarque, who began the rescue of the site, then completely covered with vegetation and in a state of advanced decay.

Accompanied by the administration of historic monuments, consolidation and restoration work helped to save the elevations that threatened to collapse and little by little the Castle regained its splendor.

At the same time, an archaeological excavation programme is being conducted to enrich knowledge about the life of the Castrum and its organization in the Middle Ages.

The prehistoric era

Beneath the foot of the cliff, lies a treasure of the parietal art: the engravings of the cave of Commarque. These were discovered on 9 August 1915 by Abbé Breuil, Mr. Pierre Paris (then owner of the Château de Beyssac) and his sons who explored the cavities of the region.

34 engravings have been counted with a magnificent horse carved down relief and numerous figures anthropomorphic: Pregnant woman, female profiles etc. ..

The cave was declared a historic monument on February 11, 1924. Its access is not open to the visit for reasons of conservation and configuration but you can discover the prehistoric cave of Commarque through an exhibition photos (with the assistance of the National Museum of Prehistory and the International Pole of Prehistory) and a video film projected in the large Dungeon Hall.

The castle of Commarque today.


The site is now open to visit, the visit is carried out freely or guided by an experienced professional guide.

Free Tour with 6-language booklet throughout the season.

Guided tour included in the entrance ticket during school holidays and holiday weekends (4 per day): 11 am, 2 pm, 3.30 p.m. and 5 p.m. (excluding April/July/August on reservation)

During your visit you will discover:

– The prehistoric cave of marquee through a photo exhibition and a video film projected in the large dungeon room.
– The troglodyte habitats
– The medieval castrum and the Romanesque dungeon that dominates the Beune valley.

You can also participate in workshops and animations related to the different periods of the site.


5 Professional-run workshops are included in the ticket for school holidays and holiday weekends:

– Archery (Tuesday and Sunday 3 pm – 6 pm)
– Parietal path (Monday and Thursday 15 h – 18 h)
– Medieval Geometry (Wednesday 3 pm – 6 pm)
– Stone Carving (Friday 3 pm – 6 pm)
– Medieval Calligraphy (Saturday 3 pm – 6 pm)

Discovery Game

During the whole season, a quiz game and crosswords in connection with the different periods of habitation with the site are offered gracefully to the visitors of the site. A gift is offered on the spot to the winners.

Access/visit for disabled and disabled people

The peculiarity of the site of Commarque does not allow people in a situation of handicap motor to visit the castle. Following a signs indicated from the main car park, disabled and handicapped visitors can access by car to the entrance of the site where parking spaces are reserved for them.

The private part of the castle located in the valley is accessible free of charge to anyone with handicap or reduced mobility who can enjoy a magnificent view of the Château de Commarque and the Château de Laussel. We offer a simplified tour book.

Price details

Individual rates
Adults: €8
Young people and students from 13 to 17 years old: €6.5
Children from 6 to 12 years: €4.5
Children-6 years: Free

Matched ticket entry + track game

Adults: €10
Youth 13-17 years and students: €8.50
Children 6-12 years: €6.50

Group Rates
(20 people or more)
Rate per person

Adults: €7
13 to 17 years: €5.5
6 to 12 years: €3.50/€3 (school groups of the department)

Guided tour and workshops:

Guided tour Package (20 to 40 people): €50 per Group
School guided tour Package (per 25 students maximum): €50 out of department/€40 for Département de la Dordogne + individual entry fee for group rate

On-site dining: snacking, drinks, ice cream, sandwich formulas

Formula Lord (sandwiches of choice, chips, dessert, drink) at €7.90
Knight formula (choice of sandwiches, drink, coffee or tea or dessert) at €6.90
Formula Prince/Princess (bread with milk ham/butter, beverage, chips or dessert) at €5.90
Adult Sandwich Choice at €4.5
Sandwich child bread with milk ham/butter at €3.5

Dates and times

Opening 2017:

Every day from April 01 to the end of the holiday of Toussaint.
April: 11.00-19.00
May, June: 11.00-19.00
July, August: 10 am-8 pm
September: 10.00-19.00
October + Toussaint: 11.00-18.00
Last visit 1 hour before closing

Free Shady Parking
Located 600 m from the site.
You take a path laid out in the woods and discover the magic of the site step by step.

Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil
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Chateau de Commarque 24620 les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil


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