Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier Bastide of Monpazier

Bastide of Monpazier

"An exceptional site in the heart of Périgord"

Welcome to Monpazier

If the southwest of France now has more than 300 bastide, Monpazier Will plunge you better than any other in the ambiance of these new cities of the Middle Ages! Strolling the streets, exploring the carreyrous and admiring the square of the angles will make you glimpse the uniqueness and exemplary of this bastide, a masterpiece of architecture and Urbanism, which earned monpazier to be regularly considered by great architects, such as the Duke or Le Corbusier, as the ideal model of Bastide. The richness of this built heritage has led to the introduction of important safeguards: Historical monuments, Outstanding Heritage Sites.
The presence of Monpazier as a member of the remarkable sites and cities of France, its ranking among the Most beautiful villages in France, the Flower Villages (1st Flower), testify to a permanent concern to value the existing heritage and its environment. Monpazier is rich in an exceptional economic fabric for a commune of 534 inhabitants: More than 70 traders, craftsmen and crafts are welcome to you every day of the year.

  • Bastide of Crafts: Monpazier became the city of Art crafts.
    More than 22 artists and artisans of art are installed in Monpazier. Their workshops, open to the public (most of the year), are an opportunity to discover a different art and to meet creators who exercise their talent with passion.
  • Festive and cultural Bastide: Its numerous animations throughout the year punctuate the life of this most beautiful village of France: Medieval animations, festival of the book, Concerts, theatre ...
  • Bastide Gourmande: All local products of Périgord (foie-gras, fillets, confits, wines ...) are present at Monpazier, to buy or to consume on the spot:
    -in the many shops and restaurants of the commune,
    -During the weekly market every Thursday morning,
    – At the CEPs Market under the Hall on the square of the angles (open every day during the growing season),
    – In the truffle market (in winter).
  • Bastide Nature: The natural spaces surrounding monpazier (its forests, with more than 200 of signposted hiking trails) allow beautiful walks in a beautiful setting.


The Bastideum is a cultural and playful space for all audiences, at discounted prices, which invites you to discover the history and life of the Bastide through the example of Monpazier, in a modern, interactive and playful way!
Start your journey through the former convent of Recollets, where archival documents, interviews, 3d reenactments and a virtual overview of the Bastide on the big screen are offered. You will plunge into the Middle Ages thanks to its many old games, its medieval garden and all its animations.
Then go back to the streets, equipped with your smartphone or digital tablet, for a "map" discovery of the remarkable buildings, embellished with explanations and augmented reality and. .. A quiz! An unforgettable moment!


24 Notre Dame Street
24 540 Monpazier
Phone: 05 53 22 60 38
Fax: 05 53 22 46 51
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 8 am – Noon and 2 pm – 4 pm
Tuesday: 8 am – 12 pm

© photo Credits: Country of the medieval towns and cities



24540 Monpazier

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